Customer reference


SuperGros opts for new electronic shelf labels.


Success with a new type of electronic shelf label
Fully graphic shelf labels provide intelligent and flexible price labelling – and, not least, a positive effect on the bottom line!

Our customers have responded positively to our electronic shelf labels. We have already installed them in more than 45 shops and are currently preparing to install them in another 10 shops. Experience shows that the investment can often be paid back in just two years, and customers using attractive forms of financing will see a positive effect on their bottom lines even sooner.

In the video, grocer Thomas Rasmussen from EUROSPAR in the Danish town of Søhus talks about all the advantages he has gained with the new fully graphic shelf labels. The video also reveals why SuperGros recommends EG Retail's solution to its customers.

With fully graphic shelf labels, alterations of prices, texts and order numbers appear directly on the display. The results:

  • Identical prices at the check-out and on the shelf labels at all times
  • Fewer customer complaints about prices and a smoother check-out flow
  • A large degree of flexibility and rapid campaign start-ups
  • Less time spent on price changes
  • Better human resource optimisation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Initiation and more information
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