Customer reference

Aller Tryk

Production and financial management solution strengthens planning at Aller Tryk.

Aller Tryk

Aller Tryk experienced a rapidly increasing order volume and a simultaneous increase in demands from customers. Consequently, the company needed a system that combined sales, production, planning and economy in one common context, and with the possibility of integration with the MS Office suite.

"We wanted a partner with deep knowledge of the graphics business, so they could fully understand our needs. EG Media was selected because they have many years of experience with solutions for the graphics industry and some of the best customer references in the market. In the course of the years, we have had many inspiring meetings with EG Media about the continued development of our solution, and they remain a very competent sparring partner for us," says John Andreasen, CFO at Aller Tryk.

The Graphic industry solution provides an overview
The previous Aller Tryk solutions were based on the AS/400 platform.

"Previously, our systems for financial, inventory and production planning as well as customer and supplier management were not integrated with our calculation and sales system. This meant that the same data had to be entered several times in the different subsystems, which could result in errors. In addition, the many subsystems meant that production planning of the many weeklies and magazines was not satisfactory. We needed a system that could provide us with one common overview. Graphic fulfils this need since the system gives us a very good overview of our customers and their orders as well as our order status," John Andreasen explains.

The planning module strengthens processes at Aller Tryk
"When you print as many different magazines and weeklies as we do, it puts great demands on the often fairly complicated planning. Today, Graphic handles our entire production planning. This means that it is easy to track any order part in a given phase across the different weeklies and magazines. This way, we have continuous control of the order flow through the entire production. This increases our internal overview as well as our flexibility in relation to the customers," says John Andreasen.