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B&C Textiler

The EG iPad app has revolutionised the sales work.

The new mobile tool for sales representatives

Since we live on life style, we have an obligation to use the solutions that are current state of the art. The new iPad app makes it a lot easier for us to achieve open doors when we meet new customers. Rene Toft, CEO, B&C Textiler

EG A/S has just launched the first iPad app, which has been developed specifically for sales representatives in the fashion and textile industries. According to B&C Textiler A/S, who started out with 20 licences, this solution means major improvements in terms of both presentation and customer service and order handling, reporting and inventory management.

"The new EG iPad app solution is definitely fit for the future," says Rene Toft, CEO at B&C Textiler, who followed the test phase closely and were one of the first people to buy licences. "Our sales representatives are very enthusiastic and find this a fantastic idea. The customer gets a much more attractive presentation of the items, and the sales representative can easily check inventory and enter the order directly from the customer site. At the main office, we are always fully updated on the activities taking place all over the world.

In addition, the EG iPad timing was absolutely perfect for us. It meant that we did not have to upgrade and replace all our sales laptops, and instead we had a much easier and more elegant solution."

Use of the app can be learned in 5 minutes
One of the first things you notice about the new iPad solution is how easy it is to start using it. The iPad and the application start in no time, and the user interface is very appealing. You immediately want to start browsing around, and it is amazingly easy to find what is relevant.

Optimised customer service – on site
The iPad app also offers a number of significant advantages regarding customer statistics and order management. Even though sales representatives are on the go, they can check all information about customers and items in the company database any time. Using search functionality, the relevant information can be found in no time.

In preparation for a visit, the sales representative can e.g. check the sales statistics and visit reports to see what the customer bought in connection with previous visits, whether payments were made on time, etc. During the visit, the sales representative can immediate answer whether a specific item is in stock and when it can be delivered. Orders are entered directly in the main system from the iPad, and items are reserved for the customer at the exact moment when the sales representative pushes the button. At the same time, the main office can keep track of everything in real time and have total control of the inventory and new orders.