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Integration provides a daily overview at Danske Fagmedier.

Danske Fagmedier

Our subscription solution is easy, smart and user-friendly. Trine Rosenkvist, subscription manager, Danske Fagmedier

Today, Danske Fagmedier uses one integrated IT solution that provides a complete overview of advertisements and subscriptions. This has resulted in both targeted and coordinated advertisement sales and very user-friendly subscription management.

Transportmagasinet, Mester Tidende, Motor-magasinet and Licitationen are some of the many business magazines published by Danske Fagmedier. In addition to the printed editions, all of the media have their own web portals with current industry news and features, and they send news e-mails to thousands of recipients on a daily basis.

Previously, Danske Fagmedier used a number of different systems with no integration. This required a number of manual processes, and the employees often lacked a total overview. Consequently, it was significant to find an experienced partner with industry knowledge.

"Our choice was EG Media since they have a large number of reference customers on the market. It is a clear advantage that they focus on and have many years of experience within the media industry. This means that they know the requirements and needs in a company like ours," explains Søren Gundel, IT manager at Danske Fagmedier.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The Subscription Magazines and Advertising industry solutions from EG Media are both based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and have been implemented in more than 50 media agencies. Subscription Magazines manages subscriptions and subscribers, whereas Advertising manages advertisements and advertisers.

Today, Danske Fagmedier uses both industry solutions, and especially the integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which enables availability of all data, gives a complete overview and optimises the daily routines.

Easy, smart and very user-friendly
With Subscription Magazines, all relevant information about subscribers is available. There is direct access to all master data, e.g. renewals, agreement expiration, delivery and payment addresses, promotion prices and contact and promotion history.

"Our subscription solution is easy, smart and very user-friendly with all information in one place. This means that we can give our existing and potential subscribers the service that they expect, because we can quickly change specific subscriber master data. We can act in accordance with all available information when in contact with the customer, and this saves us a lot of time in subscription management," says subscription manager Trine Rosenkvist.

Efficient sales tool
The most important tool for the 12 sales representatives in the Danske Fagmedier advertising department is the advertising solution. Advertising streamlines their sales work by keeping track of all tasks from start to finish.

"Our advertisement sales are both targeted and coordinated. The sales representatives work directly in a CRM module on their screens that provides them with a complete overview of customers, leads, follow-up, promotions and additional sales tasks. Everything is found in one screen," sales coordinator Annemette Sørensen explains.

"With Advertising, the employees do not have to spend time collecting information from several sources. In the CRM module, we have access to all data about every single customer, and with a few clicks, we can easily print both offers and contracts for the customers directly from the system," Annemette Sørensen continues.

Valuable insight and knowledge
Advertising also has many valuable reporting and analysis options. Danske Fagmedier uses e.g. sales analyses to define the future focus areas and create new internal sales goals within the sales department.

"We can always see in which direction the sales are moving. By comparing the individual customers' advertisements in different periods, we can quickly follow up. We would not have had this overview without our IT solution," Annemette Sørensen concludes.