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Hours under control at Meny.


In Staff, the hours are always correct, which gives us all security and peace of mind. Karin Duvander, accounts manager, Meny, Måløv

Duty planning and the subsequent approval of daily time sheets for all employees is often a very resource-demanding task, but not for A/S Jørgen Andersen in Måløv, where manual procedures have now been replaced by the smart Staff program.

EG Retail has delivered Staff duty planning to A/S Jørgen Andersen in Måløv, Denmark. This company is behind two Meny supermarkets and two XL BYG DIY stores north of Copenhagen. The four stores have used Staff for more than a year, and both the common administration and the individual department managers now have a much better overview of duty plans and wage costs.

Large time savings and fewer error sources
The company has full focus on optimising processes in the four stores. Previously, the 20 department managers spent many hours on time registration, verification and duty planning, which was not ideal.

"Hand-written daily time sheets and homemade Excel sheets used to be common in our stores. When payment time was approaching, I spent at least half a day on approvals and entering data into the payroll system. Now I save a lot of time because I only spend 2-3 minutes a day to control the previous day's arrival and departure times," says CFO Karin Duvander.

Data is transferred with a few clicks
The central parts of Staff are the employee master data and the duty plans for the stores. All employees are created and maintained in Staff, and it is possible to take employee preferences regarding holidays into account as well as regular days off, requests for days off and compensatory time off.

The common administration in Måløv handles all salary payments to the more than 200 employees in all stores. When the registered duties, hours and compensation for staggered time from Staff have to be converted to the payroll system, this is done easily and efficiently.

"In Staff, we can see when the department managers have approved their employees' paid hours. With a few mouse clicks, we process the information, and in a very short time, wages are ready for all employees. It is very simple, and we do not have to enter data that is already known," explains Karin Duvander.

Correct payment of wages every time
There is a sign-in computer with a touch screen in the employee area in the stores where employees register their arrival and departure times. When they are ready to start in the morning, they register their arrival in Staff. During the day, they register their coffee and lunch breaks, and by the end of their working day, they sign off. This way, Staff always keeps track of working hours.

"Previously, I spent a lot of time checking whether the registered hours were correct. Our employees could make mistakes, but so could I. In Staff, the hours are always correct, which gives us all security and peace of mind. The employees do not see Staff as monitoring and control, but only as a help to ensure that they get the correct wages," Karin Duvander continues.

Text message functionality and fingerprint registration
Staff from EG Retail is used for duty planning and time registration by more than 16,000 employees, which means that it is the leading solution in this area in Denmark. EG Retail develops the solution continuously and in close cooperation with the customers, and still more functionality is added.

Many companies use touch screens for time registration like A/S Jørgen Andersen, but it is now also possible to register arrival and departure with a new sign-in function. This function includes a fingerprint scanner, which ensures a 100 % correct entry without any doubt about arrival and departure times.

Another newly developed function in Staff makes it possible to send a text message to a single employee or a specific group of employees. This function is very useful if there is an urgent need for someone to take a vacant duty. It can also be used for regular reminders, e.g. to young part-time employees who receive a message the day before they have a duty. The employees can answer the text messages immediately, which gives a fast response time.