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Reduction by 50 % of the time that project managers spend on administration.


The new ERP system has halved the time that project managers spend on administration and thus increased our productive time. Jon Fjærvik, CFO, Nettpartner

Reduction by 50 % of the time spent on administration
Nettpartner in Norway has around 5,000-6,000 current projects. Exact data and information are paramount to the management of all these projects, and previously, the project managers spent 4-5 hours a month just on reporting.

Cost control is paramount
Nettpartner builds and handles the operation and maintenance of infrastructure for the distribution of electricity, TV, data and district heating. The agreements are complicated and time-limited, and management and cost control are thus of paramount importance.

The systems used by Nettpartner were previously based on spreadsheets completed by employees and saved on local computers.

"The information that we collected on the financial management of our projects was insufficient. The details about reporting and statistics were left for the individual project manager to handle, and when we looked more closely at the results, it was obvious that without specific requirements on reporting, the figures and statistics easily turned out to be too inaccurate to use for overall management and control."

To handle these problems, Nettpartner upgraded its ERP system to the EG industry solution for construction.

Clear benefits
In addition to the reduced administration time, the new ERP system has resulted in operational benefits as both efficiency and quality have improved:

  • The improved archiving results in better tracking, documentation and possibilities of reuse.
  • The CRM module makes it possible to track customer leads and monitor sales opportunities.
  • The system enables direct reuse of templates regarding health, security and environment as well as for risk analysis, self-regulation and control.
  • The graphic user interface is very intuitive and matches the Microsoft Office software that we all know.

The system provides an extensive real-time view of important information
"The purpose of implementing the new ERP system was to automate all Nettpartner's processes so that all data could be collected efficiently and quickly be ready for presentation. This was particularly important for us," vice president Sven Hetlevik says.

"In the top management, we can use the new system to give us a helicopter view of operations, because it provides a complete and comprehensive overview. The large number of projects and processes often require that we get involved. Now that we have the systems established, we can get involved without losing the overall perspective, and we can extract the information that we need to make competent decisions," says Sven Hetlevik.  

Both our customers and the authorities demand that we meet all requirements regarding quality, health, safety and environment. The new system makes it possible to monitor this closely and makes it easy to extract the necessary information from the data that we have collected. Sven Hetlevik, vice president, Nettpartner