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Sjællandske Medier

Great success with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Subscription Newspapers.

Sjællandske Medier

We can now target our offers to the customers and sell more to each customer. Svend Erik Hansen, CFO, Sjællandske Medier

Sjællandske Medier is now a complete media house that publishes daily papers and district papers and runs internet services, an advertising agency and TV and radio stations. EG Media has delivered an IT solution that supports the strategic expansion from daily newspaper to media house that the group initiated in 2001.

Sjællandske Medier and EG Media have implemented a common Dynamics NAV solution for the entire media group that focuses on financial management, CRM, hour and case management for the advertising agency and subscriptions/distribution. The solution streamlines the daily work in the internal advertising agency and the departments that handle telemarketing, sales, subscribers and finances, and in future, it will deliver newly updated key figures to the media house management on a daily basis.

"The vision of our strategy is that we want to develop into a full-fledged media house. One of our goals is that we want to offer our customers a wide range of quality products across media. This way of working places great demands on the infrastructure that we use, especially our IT systems," CFO Svend Erik Hansen explains.

Key advantages of Subscription Newspapers
The solution for Sjællandske Medier replaces a number of solutions based on the AS/400 platform. Sjællandske Medier is now able to handle all subscribers in the media house across products in one common IT solution that is 100 % integrated with the financial management solution.

"Our previous systems were not very well integrated and required a large number of manual processes when data had to be transferred between systems. When a customer called, we were not able to quickly create a complete overview of the customer’s activities. We can do this now because our new solution has given us a much better overview of activities. As a result, we are able to improve our service, target our offers to the customers and hopefully in the end also sell more to the individual customer," says Svend Erik Hansen.

Focus on telemarketing
Sjællandske Medier continuously works to optimise the company’s telemarketing activities. With Subscription Newspapers, telemarketing sales representatives can be given access to a limited part of the system so that they only have access to the functionality that is relevant to their work.

"Our telemarketing sales representatives want a simple and user-friendly system that can help them be more efficient in their work. The Subscription Newspapers user interface is very simple, and the screens show precisely the information about customers that is necessary. This means that telemarketing sales representatives no longer have to spend time on collecting information from several sources. Instead, they have all information available in one screen," says Svend Erik Hansen.

"The system gives a good overview of which reading interests exist in the individual household, which makes it easier to upsell across our products. The user friendliness ensures that new employees can be trained fast, which is important in a department with many students and consequently a fairly high employee turnover," Svend Erik Hansen adds.

Integration with Dimaps
EG Media cooperates with Dimaps, who is a leading supplier of GIS and distribution programs. This enables Sjællandske Medier to handle all relevant data on distribution, routes, street sections and distribution types.

"The system gives us a quick overview of newcomers and leavers, which forms the basis for the production of delivery materials, e.g. packing slips and route descriptions for the carrier. This has made our daily distribution work much more flexible," says Svend Erik Hansen.