Financial Performance Management

Streamline your reporting

You need the latest and most relevant financial figures to make the right business decisions. Don’t use time trying to pull them together manually with spreadsheets, emails, and review rounds. EG’s Financial Performance Management Solutions make organising your financial data easier and faster.

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Streamline your reporting

  • Legal consolidation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Activity Based Costing

Close your books quickly and efficiently

Do manual processes create a headache when it’s time to close your books?

EG can help you standardize and automate the accounting workflow at your company.

When you break up the tasks and define a structured process, you return ownership of figures to the units that report them. That helps create the well-defined roles that allow for fast, efficient closing of books – whether monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Faster, more professional Annual Reports
Have you been frustrated by delays in your annual report because of additional reviews?

Sometimes description, control and the adjustment of figures and text can take as long to complete as the accounting itself. And the process often includes manual tasks that create a serious risk of errors.

EG can help streamline and automate your process, so you can deliver a professional and accurate Annual Report in 15 – 20 days.

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Efficient budgeting processes let you meet challenges head-on

EG’s budgeting and forecasting tools help ensure that you are always on top of your data – so you can take action quickly if your business takes an unexpected turn.

We make budgeting fast and flexible enough to enable smaller and more frequent reviews, making forecasts much more relevant and valuable for the individual employee.

These precise and dynamic forecasts, based on historical data, will help you understand trends and predict future demand, so you can optimize resource and material planning across your business.


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Which products and customers really benefit your company?

As your business expands and adapts to a changing marketplace, it’s important to know which products and customers are contributing most to the future success of your company.

EG Activity Based Costing helps you cut through tradition and emotion to see where you are really earning money - and which areas could be de-prioritised or phased out.

You can test hypotheses about the company and analyse costs using parameters that can’t be measured with traditional finance management – such as “What does a sales meeting with a customer for a specific product cost?” or “How do we change customer behaviour to create increased profitability?”

Our customers tell us that Activity Based Costing prompts changes in daily processes and behaviour, and leads to considerable increases the finance team’s contribution to the rest of the organization.

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Consultancy, solutions and IT services

  • Consultancy
  • Dynamics 365
  • ERP
  • Business Analytics
  • CRM, CEM & Collaboration
  • Application Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Service & Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the platform of the future. Now.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies ERP, CRM and business intelligence on a cloud platform that is always available and always up to date. Dynamics 365 removes the boundaries between systems and gives you immediate access to the latest technology in an agile solution that frees up resources from operations and lets you focus on business value.

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