Professional document and case management with EG CrossWork

Create, archive, retrieve and share information and documents about customers, partners and projects in one place.

With EG CrossWork, you can optimise collaboration across your organisation and make it easy to automate and support processes with access to key capabilities from Outlook or from a mobile device.

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Turbocharge your processes, save time and make best use of existing knowledge

EG CrossWork is a cloud-based knowledge platform that expands SharePoint Online's functionality by integrating with – and accessing information from –  your existing systems, such as Office 365 and Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

  • Organise your knowledge
  • Reuse a familiar structure
  • Streamline your processes
  • Build best practices
  • Experience mobile efficiencies

Collect all your knowledge in one place

EG CrossWork integrates with your core systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. It collects and structures available knowledge – including documents, e-mails and master data – that were previously spread across different systems and makes it searchable, and easier to find, share and re-use.

You can also use the information to support your projects more efficiently – from initial offer to delivery and support. And the structured knowledge can be made accessible across your entire value chain, including your customers and business partners.

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Find information where you expect

EG CrossWork reuses the structure that you already know from your ERP system. In practice, this means that everything is automatically organised in – and can be and retrieved from – its usual place, so you can quickly find and use existing knowledge about your customers, partners, products and projects. 

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Support company processes

Typical business processes are a combination of structured and unstructured elements. EG CrossWork accommodates both types of elements across your systems, documents and e-mails.

The application also supports implementation of standardised processes, so you can streamline everything from invoice approval to the development and introduction of new products.

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Save time and strengthen best practices

EG CrossWork automatically reuses information about, for example, customers, contacts and financial transactions from your ERP and CRM systems, and imports it into associated documents or templates. This saves time and data entry work, and reduces the risk of errors. The automatic association of metadata also makes it easy to locate the documents again when you need them. 

The platform supports best practices across the whole company and makes it easy to reuse existing documents and templates so that you can create quotations, orders and other common documents more quickly.

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Work effectively anywhere – also on mobile devices

Employees can work with the complete integrated knowledge base and benefit from the advantages of EG CrossWork directly in Outlook with the EG Outlook Plugin.

When on the move, employees can also work with EG CrossWork on any mobile device. This saves time, boosts collaboration and increases mobility.

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