Portals and document management

Increase knowledge sharing, generate the best foundation for an efficient cooperation and save time with the SharePoint-based portal and document management solutions from EG. 

The solutions make it easy to find documents and correspondence across systems and platforms. This eases workflows and enables the employees to complete tasks more efficiently – whether at the office or on the move. 

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SharePoint-baserede løsninger fra EG

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Manage knowledge and documents with EG CrossWork

EG CrossWork is an adapted version of Microsoft SharePoint that collects and indexes existing information, making it easily accessible for your employees.

But contrary to the "classic" document management, EG CrossWork handles all types of information in the company – from e-mails and information in the CRM system to information on an order or a customer stored in the underlying ERP solution.

Selected benefits of EG CrossWork

  • Knowledge sharing makes it easy to find and reuse information.
  • Saves time and provides an overview of all your cases and projects.
  • More efficient work processes and fewer errors.
  • Avoid e-mail and document clutter.
  • Integrates directly with ERP, CRM and other IT systems in the company.
  • Master data are retrieved from you ERP solution and are thus maintained in only one place.

With EG CrossWork it is easy to access the latest version of all your accessible information. You avoid doubt about different versions and prevent updating sheets, drawings or documents that are no longer up-to-date.

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Speed up the cooperation with intranet and extranet

With EG Intranet and Extranet based on SharePoint it is easy to get started with a solution that improves internal communication and knowledge sharing.

In no time you will have a ready-made cooperation platform where employees can share and cooperate on news, documents etc. regardless of whether it is related to projects, customers or departments.

Yammer is Microsoft's answer for a modern social company solution, and it is an integrated part of the solution that makes it easy for the employees to cooperate across departments and locations. 

EG's portal solutions helps you to e.g.

  • Establish portals with basic features such as news, calendar, web templates, page templates and telephone directory.
  • Keep the portal up-to-date and alive with target groups, subscription and campaigns.
  • Find what you need  –  SharePoint's search centre makes it easy to find news, documents and colleagues.
  • Scale you intranet from being a traditional intranet to a digital workplace.
  • Integrate your intranet with the EG CrossWork document management solution.

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Consultancy, solutions and IT services

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the platform of the future. Now.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies ERP, CRM and business intelligence on a cloud platform that is always available and always up to date. Dynamics 365 removes the boundaries between systems and gives you immediate access to the latest technology in an agile solution that frees up resources from operations and lets you focus on business value.

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