Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect and power your growing business

Are stand-alone systems and disconnected processes slowing your business down? 

A Business Central solution from EG replaces siloed IT systems with a single, comprehensive solution that gives an end-to-end view of the business and promotes growth.

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Better business, with Business Central

  • Prime your business for growth
  • Bring people, processes, and data together
  • Get the full picture

Get up and running fast, and expand and adapt as your needs change

Are your business systems having problems keeping pace with your business? And can you afford to do anything about it? 

With Business Central, you can get started in the cloud fast and with minimal disruption to your daily business. 

  • Get up to speed fast with essential business processes from quote to cash
  • Simplify daily work processes by customising applications with drag-and-drop simplicity   
  • Support unique business needs by adding industry- or business-capabilities
  • Scale your system as your needs change and only pay for what you use.
Business Central

Connect your whole business with one system

Do you use time navigating between multiple stand-alone systems, or taking part in disjointed processes that don't add value to the business? 

With Business Central, you can connect and run your whole business, from finance and operations to sales and marketing. 

  • Stay in touch with the business, in the office and on the road, on your device of choice
  • Collaborate with familiar tools with processes management from Outlook and access to live data in Excel
  • Automate and secure processes with easy workflows and enterprise-level security features
  • Connect 3rd party applications, such as payroll, banking, CRM and industry-specific systems.
Business Central

Make the right decisions, based on accurate, real-time business data

Are your business decisions based on gut-feeling and best-guesses, because the information you need is scattered across the business? 

With Business Central, you can use one source of centralised, real-time information for accurate reporting and informed decision-making.  

  • See opportunities and avoid surprises by spotting trends and identifying issues before they affect your business
  • Sell smarter and track sales performance with custom dashboards and multi-dimensional reports
  • Optimise resources and budgets with flexible reporting and predictive intelligence 
  • Deliver better service, using the right employees to accelerate and resolve customer cases.
Business Central