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Strong industry focus with Dynamics AX

In-depth industry knowledge is the basis of EG’s industry-specific solutions for Dynamics AX. As a result, you can be sure that the solution you invest in will help you optimise your business for success, with no surprises.

  • Project industries
  • Process industries
  • Retail
  • Utilities

Project-based manufacturing businesses face daily challenges related to quality, compliance, prices and delivery schedules.

With EG Project Industries for Dynamics AX, you get tight control of information, projects and processes. And with insight across your manufacturing cycles, you can optimise each delivery and increase efficiency from first customer contact to final hand-off.

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John Hummelgaard

Scandinavian Sales Director AX

Tel.: +45 7220 7503

EG Process Industries for Dynamics AX

EG Process Industries for Dynamics AX is built around best practices that are critical in the process manufacturing industry. The solution focuses on core processes such as supplier management, recipe management, batch management and quality control. The solution supports the parts of your business that are key to creating value in the supply chain and sharpening your competitive edge.

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Erik Beck Skyum

Account Director, Enterprise Services

Tel.: +45 7220 7947

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a comprehensive, unified retail management solution that helps you to focus even more on your most important business challenges:

  • Connecting and engaging with your customers

  • Empowering your employees across all channels.

Strong omnichannel capabilities help you to offer a great retail experience wherever you interact with customers – in stores, online or on social networks.

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Bjørn Olesen

Market Manager, Retail

Tel.: +45 7220 7856

Xellent from EG

Xellent meets the administrative needs of mid-sized utility companies as well as large international energy groups. With Xellent you can:

  • Achieve more efficient administrative processes
  • Add industry-specific modules and customise to your specific needs
  • Streamline your work processes and help ensure correct customer billing.
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Pia Kamp

Account Manager

Tel.: +45 7220 7642

Add value with add-on solutions for Dynamics AX

If your needs are not fully met by standard Dynamics AX functionality, EG can offer enhanced capabilities with a wide range of tried-and-tested add-on solutions.

Advanced HRM

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Advanced HRM

Optimise and empower your HR function with advanced capabilities

Extend your existing capabilities and processes with a fully integrated add-on solution for Dynamics AX.

EG has deep IT expertise and experience in meeting the increasing requirements of modern HR functions. Combine this with the capabilities enabled by HR PLUS from Four Vision, and you can benefit from advanced HR functionality with a more cost-effective investment than implementing an expensive "bolt-on" HR solution.

You can support processes such as:

  • Recruitment, e-recruitment and onboarding of employees
  • Absence, sickness and benefits management
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Talent management and succession planning.

Alerts, checklists and easy set-up wizards will streamline your daily HR routines and save resources, and you can use the same intuitive interface across all your country locations.

In addition, the seamless integration with your core Dynamics AX solution will add value to your existing investment and simplify future upgrades and updates.

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Enable daily efficiencies with Apps for Dynamics AX

Ensure easy and direct mobile access to exactly the Dynamics AX features that make your users more efficient – at the office and on the road.

EG Apps can boost daily efficiencies, minimise the time spent on data entry and reduce the risk of errors - without the need for IT support.

With access to information, functionality and processes through simple and intuitive applications you can:

  • Give account managers updated customer and transaction data anywhere
  • Enable easy employee registration of vouchers and costs on the go
  • Give mobile access to the functions and processes that are most important
  • Share features and information with customers or suppliers and optimise your cooperation.

Business intelligence

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Business intelligence

Make informed business decisions with EG BI for Microsoft Dynamics

Extract the information you need, when you need it, and present the data to relevant employees in visual, intuitive formats.

Give your organisation a continuous overview and a common baseline on which to base daily business decisions.

EG's data model structures your Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics 365 data, and is a common and easily extensible foundation that lets you focus on creating outputs for your organisation where and when you need them – and in the format of your choice.

EG BI includes more than 80 pre-defined data sets and pre-defined Power BI dashboards as well as detailed Excel reports for sales, procurement, finance, project, inventory, production, retail and human resource.

Predefined content is available through both corporate multidimensional and in-memory tabular cubes for corporate and self-service reporting. You can also see near-live operational status directly from your Dynamics AX solution in online Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

With EG BI for Microsoft Dynamics, you can:

  • Generate individually customised analyses in Excel PowerPivot, or with Report Builder for classic paginated reports for, for example, print or automated distribution as PDF
  • Integrate with Microsoft Power BI to provide operational status on, for example, monitors in your production, receiving or shipping areas, or embed a dashboard into Dynamics AX
  • Integrate historical data from other systems, or from earlier Dynamics AX solutions
  • Generate business reports based on multidimensional and in-memory cubes
  • Display key figures via the role centre and directly in relevant forms.


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Expand your business with E-commerce for Dynamics AX

Is your company making good use of technology to increase turnover? Find out how to expand your business with a webshop that is integrated with your Dynamics AX solution.

EG's e-commerce solution will help make you more competitive by raising your market profile, increasing your market share, and automating key areas of customer service and order management.

The solution offers you:

  • Increased turnover
  • Administrative cost savings
  • Process optimisation
  • Online marketing
  • Sales to new target groups.

Full integration between the webshop and Dynamics AX means you only need to maintain data in one place, so implementation and daily maintenance are simple.

The solution is based on ExpandIT Webshop, which has already been implemented in more than 550 companies, and includes solutions for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer trade.

ExFlow Vendor Invoice Approval

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ExFlow Vendor Invoice Approval

Boost profitability with automated vendor invoice approval

Consolidate and automate the entire incoming invoice handling process to save resources, increase security and reduce the risk of late payments.

Automate the entire process of receiving, approving and archiving vendor invoices and get an overview of approval hierarchies and permissions, and the progress of invoices through the system.

Invoice data is captured via scanning software and from electronic invoices in formats such as EDI, OIOXML and OIOUBL. Vouchers can be recorded manually so you can import and attach a scanned copy of the invoice.

Approval is browser-based, reducing licence costs and simplifying the process for users who are not used to working directly in the ERP system.

Advantages include:

  • A single process flow within Dynamics AX – cutting operating costs
  • An overview of completed and pending payments – facilitating audits
  • A complete history and easy archiving
  • Flexible, compliance-based handling of approval hierarchies and permissions
  • Automatic payment alerts that eliminate late payments and unnecessary costs.

ExFlow from EG

ExFlow solution for Dynamics 365

ExFlow solution for Dynamics AX 2012

See the solution here (YouTube)

GDPR Assistant

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GDPR Assistant

Meet EU data protection requirements

Meeting the strict requirements for the handling of personal data that are set out in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires a considerable effort. So does documenting that your processes and data handling comply with the regulation.

With EG GDPR Assistant for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 you can:

  • Comply with GDPR requirements.
  • Document your GDPR efforts.
  • Anonymise data irrevocably.
  • Control access to personal data in your system.

Comply more easily with GDPR requirements

GDPR imposes strict requirements on the registration, storage, processing and deletion of personal data.

With EG GDPR Assistant, you can register which fields in your ERP system contain personal data, which types of personal data are included and why you store them.

This ensures that your efforts are documented as required by General Data Protection Regulation.

Anonymise data irrevocably
With EG GDPR Assistant, you can anonymise personal data when you no longer have a reason to store it – or if the individual requests you to do so. Workflow functionality guides your employees through the anonymization process, including how to add relevant tasks inside - as well as outside - your ERP system.

Control access to personal data
The solution lets you divide your system into areas with and without personal data, and then control access to these areas. You can also verify that agreed policies are being executed and that security roles and functions have been set up correctly.

Read more about EG GDPR Assistant here

Global Data Management

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Global Data Management

A one-company approach to data governance with Global Data Management for Dynamics AX

Ensure transparency, consistency and governance when working with business data across your organisation, while still allowing for the requirements of individual companies.

Take a one-company approach to data governance – even when local subsidiaries or locations have unique data requirements.

Replicate data from one company to a number of companies in your Dynamics AX installation, and determine centrally which information, settings, values and fields can be defined by local companies and which cannot.

Key benefits include:

  • Immediate, manual or batch distribution of data to subsidiaries
  • No special training required – work within Dynamics AX forms
  • Full data management flexibility – set up any table in your system
  • Save time and reduced errors from manual and double data entry.

You are in full control, ensuring the consistency and validity of both global and local data and defining a baseline for accurate analysis and reporting.

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Portals and document management

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Portals and document management

Share and collaborate with EG CrossWork for Dynamics AX

A SharePoint-based portal and document management solution improves your company's decision-making processes by making relevant and clearly structured information available to decision makers when and where they need it.

With CrossWork, you have direct access to archived documents and e-mails associated with specific customers, suppliers or projects from SharePoint or from your Dynamics AX solution.

EG CrossWork uses Dynamics AX data to configure SharePoint. The ERP system makes data available for use directly on SharePoint sites and for document merging.
CrossWork offers:

  • A turnkey solution including pre-defined structure and site maintenance
  • Value from the SharePoint solution included in your Dynamics AX installation
  • Simple document production based on your usage scenarios and templates
  • Access to ERP data when working with e-mails and attachments in Outlook
  • Accurate categorisation of archived elements.

Security Kit

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Security Kit

Optimise security and compliance with Security Kit for Dynamics AX

Save time and money with tools and capabilities to set up, monitor, analyse and document security, licensing and compliance.

EG Security Kit simplifies user rights management and gives you an overview of roles and permissions, so you can be sure that your critical data is secure. It also helps you ensure that your system usage and licencing are aligned.

With Security Kit, you can:

  • Set up roles and user rights up to 50 % faster
  • See an overview of user rights and permissions for specific roles
  • Preserve a manageable structure based on QA best practices
  • Monitor and report on your user rights set-up and license status
  • Track license usage by role to avoid unexpected costs.

You can customise duties and privileges to create specific roles unique to your organisation. Duplicates of the standard Dynamics AX security elements are used as a starting point for the customised roles, so you preserve a manageable structure.

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Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management

Run all your warehouse management processes using mobile devices and scanners, and benefit from advanced warehouse processes such as cluster picking, wave based replenishment and crossdocking.

EG’s extensive and integrated Warehouse Management solution is a valuable addition to standard Dynamics AX functionality.

Advantages include:

  • Greatly improved item receive process
  • Overview of purchase orders ready for item receipt
  • Display of additional information such as UN code and storage conditions
  • Support for registration of weight and volume in the item receipt process
  • Configuration of mobile options directly in the Dynamics AX WMS solution.

EG’s Warehouse Management solution will help you optimise your warehouse operations and reduce the need for costly third-party solutions, manual processes and time-consuming, potentially risky, paper-based procedures.

In addition, a built-in Transportation Management module lets you integrate and merge warehouse management with distribution, scheduling and shipping.

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