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EG TaGS is an end-to-end solution for production feedback that integrates the operator with the business system and the machinery. The solution is tailored to your process in the production environment.

EG TaGS makes it possible to use the solution’s touchscreen interface for reporting and other business system tasks.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Andersson

Senior Project Manager

Tel.: +46 4020 7805


Manage your business documents the right way. Our service relating to StreamServe helps businesses to create, produce and distribute business documents in a cost-effective manner, without changing the underlying business system.

StreamServe helps you cut your costs thanks to, for example, reduced manual handling, more efficient printing and postage optimisation.

EG has sold its service business to DXC Technology


That is why we have split our website into two: EG A/S & EG's service business.