EG's delivery model

A model based on best practice provides the best guarantee that your IT project will be successful.

At EG, we have 39 years of experience in implementing IT systems. During this time, we have acquired considerable experience, and we know what is required to ensure a successful IT project, and, equally important – what you must not do.

Based on this experience, we have developed EG's One Delivery Model, which gives you security and minimises the risk of implementing your IT project.

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Smooth transition from implementation to operation

EG's ODM covers all phases of an IT implementation project and beyond. The process does not stop once the solution has been delivered. A smooth handover from the implementation team to the relevant training and support teams means that you get the most out of your new solution from day one and for a long time to come.

  • Business analysis
  • Solution analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Operation

Business analysis – clarification of the project scope

EG's consultants organise workshops during which the company's overall needs and requirements are defined and documented. The focus is on the overall strategies and potential benefits, and the primary purpose is to prepare a strong business case to be used as a basis for the implementation. 

Solution analysis – the final project scope is determined and approved

In this phase, we create an overview of the system requirements. As this phase is concerned with what the application should be able to do – and not how it works – a qualified analysis and a design that matches the specific business needs must be presented. 

Design – preparation of an implementation plan

In this phase, we decide how to implement the business requirements. We configure the overall solution and develop the specific customisations to be performed in order to meet the business requirements.

Development – the solution takes form

In this phase we develop and test the solution. The solution normally consists of an approved standard system, and a structure of suppliers, user-defined coding, integration/UI, and data-migration processes. 

Implementation – the solution is put into operation

We are now ready to put the system into operation, and any subsequent changes will be handled in accordance with the established process for managing system changes. Key activities include implementation, end-user training, user acceptance testing (UAT) and the transition to the new or upgraded production environment. 

Operation – project completion and ongoing support

In this phase, we define the activities to be undertaken to complete the project, provide support after the transition to the production environment and transfer the solution and the required knowledge to your company. The main objectives of this phase include providing support after commissioning, transferring the solution to support and completing the project. 

Consultancy, solutions and IT services

  • ERP
  • CRM, CEM & Collaboration
  • Application Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Service & Support

EG has sold its service business to DXC Technology


That is why we have split our website into two: EG A/S & EG's service business.