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At EG, you can kickstart your career within the IT- and software industry. You will be collaborating with experienced and skilled colleagues who are always ready to share their knowledge and experiences.

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Meet some YPs

  • Steffen Lehmann
  • Sofie Lavall Nøjsen
  • Mathias Rõzko Tryggedsson
  • Jakob Buchvardt

Steffen Lehmann

Student assistant at EG, Dynaway
Educational background: Human Computer Interactions

I applied for the job as a Junior QA tester at EG because I thought it sounded like a really exciting job and seemed like a perfect match for my education. I have been able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice where I have contributed with many inputs regarding changes in design choices, choice of icons and re-design of layout formats. I think it is really exciting to experiment with and it just confirms that the things I learn from my education are useful and applicable in my work at EG.

On a daily basis, I test the new functionalities that are being developed in EG's mobile development team. I validate whether the functionalities work as intended so they can be inserted into the product we want to sell. It is really exciting when there are bigger and more complicated things that need to be tested as it challenges my competences and fuels my creativity in order to figure out how we can solve the problems in the best possible way. It is therefore hugely motivating to go to work as I am contributing to improve and further develop the products for our customers.

Since I started working at EG, I have learned a lot, e.g. I have obtained a broader knowledge about Scrum. I have previously worked with Scrum during my education, but it is completely different to apply in practice in a large and international organization like EG. I have also managed to get better at using the analytical tools to distinguish between whether we are dealing with a data problem or an implementation error as well as how the different functions work.

What I really appreciate as a student assistant is the flat and flexible work culture. Flexibility makes it easy for me to structure my everyday life, as I have the opportunity to work from home. If I have any questions or feedback, I can always put it into our back logs which are discussed continuously. The entire development team has helped me a lot during my onboarding process where I was thoroughly familiarized with the various systems and tasks which has improved my skills at making tests.

I can highly recommend EG to other Young Professionals since there is plenty of opportunity for growth and development, and you get to try experimenting with various tasks and improve your skills.  

Steffen Lehmann

Sofie Lavall Nøjsen

HR Consultant at EG
Educational background: International Business Communication in English

I have had a hugely exciting and educational journey at EG. I kickstarted my career as an intern after which I continued as a student assistant and now holds a full-time HR Consultant position. What appealed to me a lot about EG was that it is a large and international organization where you have colleagues across the world and where I can use my communication skills in practice.

My job as a HR Consultant consists of supporting our HR Business Partners. During my work in EG, I have been able to apply my competences within communication in practice which have given a very fundamental understanding of working in an international organization. I have benefited greatly from all the knowledge I have gained as an intern and student assistant in my new full-time position. Therefore, I feel that I am contributing to create value for EG, where effective communication must constantly be established both internally and externally.

From day one, I felt part of the colleagueship where my ideas and inputs were met. I quickly became aware of EGs trusting work culture. As an intern, I was given a lot of responsibility, among other things with our employee development, where the team had confidence in me handling the tasks desirably. At the same time, my boss made a huge effort to prioritize that I had areas of responsibilities that I found interesting and wanted to work with which I greatly appreciated.

EG provides excellent learning- and development opportunities where you are assigned with a lot of responsibility. I have spent a lot of time working with the implementation of a new HR system, where I have had the opportunity to come up with new perspectives and contributing with a lot of energy. It is motivating for me to have the opportunity to further develop my skills and learn something new which I can convert into something that creates value and great results.

I very much appreciate the great team we have in HR. I have some great colleagues who made me become well-integrated into the team where I quickly got an active role. I was not treated differently as an intern, but I felt part of the team and was considered a valuable resource. I think, it is amazing how you can create good colleagues due to remote work. I have got a whole new view of remote work and it has opened my eyes to how many opportunities it offers an organization.

I can highly recommend EG because it is a good and flexible organization that specializes within an industry with high speed. I want to make an effort to make people know EG in the future because I think it is a cool organization to work for.

Sofie Lavall Nøjsen

Mathias Rõzko Tryggedsson

Junior Software Developer, Digital Welfare
Educational background: Software Engineer (Software Technology)   

I started my career in EG as an intern, after which I continued as a student assistant. Now I am in a full-time position as a Junior Software Developer in Digital Welfare. When I started in EG, I quickly felt well-integrated and part of the team. I participated in discussions on equal terms with my colleagues in the team where my inputs were valued. I am very honored that EG has the faith and trust in its employees which has created a breeding ground for my further development as a software developer.

On a daily basis, I make applications which goes across the systems that we use internally in EG which makes me function as an in-house supplier. Additionally, I work with the .Net part in our products where I rewrite existing systems with some newer technologies. If I look back at the last one and a half year, I have developed and growth a lot on the technical front. I think it is extremely exciting to be part of the growth process, as it gives me the opportunity to use the latest technologies where I can specialize further within the technological industry. I think it is cool that there is focus on optimizing the technology as it motivates me to do something extra to improve our products for the end user.

The theoretical knowledge from my education has given me fundamental perquisites for understanding the codebase we work within and how to correct errors and implement new features. During my education, I had learned to work in Scrum, but it gives much more value to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice in a large and international organization like EG where there is something at stake. Likewise, it was absolutely fantastic to go from having worked with a small part of programming and then coming to EG which specializes in an entire field. The steep learning curve I had during my internship and the final project period has accelerated compared to how my learning process had been earlier during my education.

What I really appreciate about EG is the inclusive work culture where there is opportunity to learn, develop and improve your skills. EG does not have a heavy bureaucratic structure, even though it is a large organization, but great emphasis is placed on being agile in the work process. At the same time, it is a huge opportunity that EG has internal mobility which makes it easy to change job position in your career internally at EG if you are looking for new opportunities for growth. I am therefore super happy and pleased to be part of EG where there is room for everyone and plenty of opportunities for further development.

Mathias Rõzko Tryggedsson

Jakob Buchvardt

Student assistant at EG, Healthcare
Educational background: Professional Bachelor's Degree in finances and IT

In my job function as a student assistant in Healthcare, my areas of responsibility are to create websites for customers from whom we receive orders. Therefore, my work is primarily independently as I have to communicate with the customer about how they would like their website designed. I really appreciate meeting up with my team at the office to strengthen our social relationships. EG has a strong collegial community which I am very fond of. I believe, that if you get along with your colleagues, you will also get the best out of your work.

When I started at EG, I got a really good impression of the organization. I quickly realized, that EG has a flat work structure with room for diversity. EG is a flexible workplace that has faith in their employees which I find hugely motivating as I have great freedom with responsibility. As a student assistant, I see a clear connection between my education and my tasks at EG. I think the job fits quite well with the skills I have acquired through my education. I didn't find the tasks challenging as it gave me a certain sense of security that I already knew about the project management form, Scrum. I definitely think that it has been educational to be able to use my theoretical knowledge to solve and handle specific tasks in a large, international organization like EG.

EG has given me good development opportunities which has intensified my learning curve. Working as a student assistant has to a great extend developed my skills because I am assigned a lot of responsibility and I get thrown into exciting projects. My tasks are never the same but vary according to the customers' wishes and needs. I think it is exciting to join a large international organization like EG because there is opportunity for further development of my skills across the different Business Units where you are not necessarily locked into your current Business Unit. One of the things that has helped my development is the 'Buddy scheme' that was part of my onboarding process where I was well introduced to the programs and tasks. Consequently, it has quickly made me feel welcome and well-integrated into the organization. 

I can highly recommend EG to other Young Professionals because it is a good and flexible workplace. You will be taken under the wings of the team from the start, where you have thee freedom to learn and further develop your skills and where your inputs are valuable.

Jakob Buchvardt