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Efficient billing solutions for the utility industry

EG develops and delivers software to the utility industry in the Nordic region. We support all crucial business processes and help ensure high satisfaction with the end customer.


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EG has a broad portfolio of strong billing solutions and support systems for the Nordic utility sector.

EG Xellent D365

EG Xellent D365

EG Xellent D365 is a stable and future-proof system for administration and billing and developed specifically for energy and supply companies built on Microsoft Dynamic 365.

EG Xellent D365 is available in*:

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「✔」Finland - read more here

「✔」Denmark - read more here

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*Read more about EG Xellent D365 in English here

EG Gasell

EG Gasell

EG Gasell is a specialized billing and trading system with associated services that help electricity retailers become more successful.

EG Gasell is available in:

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「✔」Norway - read more here



SonWin is a proven billing solution that makes life easier for utility companies. The platform automates the time-consuming routines and creates synergy between the company's most important functional areas.

SonWin is available in:

「✔」Denmark - read more here


EG Zynergy

EG Zynergy

Zynergy is a stand-alone modular solution that gives you full control over data such as forecasts, reports, measured values, supplier changes and invoices.

EG Zynergy is available in:

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EG ProBill

EG ProBill

EG ProBill is a full-service utility billing provider with several strong software solutions and includes invoicing, metering management, and supplier switching, component information and work orders. In addition, Props offers a full BPO service, combining both SaaS and BPO as a package deal​.

EG ProBill is available in:

「✔」Sweden - read more here

「✔」Finland - read more here



  • Bravida chooses EG EnerKey for all Nordic EMS-activities

    Bravida Holding with 14.000 employees covering 300 branches has chosen the EMS system EG EnerKey for their 80.000 customers in the Nordics.

  • A Sustainable Alliance for Carbon-Neutral Real Estate

    Kojamo has taken yet another significant step towards a sustainable future by entering into a strategic cooperation agreement with EG, a leader in energy management.

  • Ventilation consumes approximately one-third of the total energy in buildings

    Ventilation can account for a third of a building's energy consumption. Staggered ventilation improves indoor air quality and yields significant savings.

  • EG acquires Props to extend offering within easy-to-use software for utility billing

    Today EG, a leading Nordic software company, announced the acquisition of the Swedish based software company Props Utility Solutions AB and Props Utility Services AB.

  • EG Utility Sweden signs new contract

    EG Utility Sweden and Vattenfall AB signs new contract about the use of the billing system EG Xellent D365 in both Denmark and Norway, with the possibility of expanding to Finland and Sweden.

  • “You have to think about things and solve problems – that's what makes it interesting.”

    “You have to think about things and solve problems – that's what makes it interesting.” In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Eleonore Bergqvist, software developer at EG in Sweden.

  • Bright Energy and EG launches new collaboration

    The need for innovative solutions regarding energy consumption and energy efficiency is in-creasing heavily due to rising electricity prices.

  • EG acquires Vitani Energy Systems A/S

    EG confirms its commitment to become the market leading supplier of software for sustainability and energy management in the Nordics.

  • Bærum Energi live on Gasell

    The Norwegian utility Bærum Energi has gone live on Gasell, the electricity trading system, which is supplied by EG company Zavann in Sweden.

  • A new report from Synergi on energy savings in the public sector encourages public sector companies to disseminate and make better use of energy data. “It's a good suggestion, because earlier this year, a report from TEKNIQ showed that approximately 40% of Denmark’s total energy consumption is used in buildings – the majority is spent on heating, lighting and ventilation,” says Rasmus Dalby Martinussen, Managing Director of EG Utility.

  • Four projects receive the EG Climate Gift 2021

    Four UN certified offset projects in India, Fiji, Philippines and Malawi has been favored as the recipients of the EG Climate Gift for 2021.

  • Shaping the future business models for power and utilities

    For the second time, this virtual conference will gather professionals responsible for Energy-as-a-service, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency specifically from Power and Utilities operator companies across Europe.

  • EG acquires Zavann and strengthens its utility business in the Nordics

    Zavann is specialized in billing and electricity retail systems.

  • EG acquires the key to reduce carbon emissions based on data

    EG acquires the key to reduce carbon emissions based on data and at the same time enters the Finnish market.

  • Stockholm Gas AB and Gasnätet Stockholm AB choose EG as their partner and service provider

    Stockholm's gas suppliers, Stockholm Gas AB and Gasnätet Stockholm AB, have chosen to enter into an agreement and partnership with EG Utility. The agreement covers a total service delivery within invoicing, contract management, measurement value management, market communication etc. in the Swedish gas market.

  • Climate-positive electricity company has customer data under control

    GodEl is a sustainable and climate-positive electricity company – qualities that demand a great deal of community engagement as well as an excellent IT partner.

  • EG Utility wins important supply contract with Energinet

    Following a mini competition held under the SKI framework agreement 02.19, Energinet in Denmark has opted to award the contract for a new settlement system to EG Utility.

  • Schrems II & Standard Contractual Clauses

    EG has ensured that our customers can safely continue to use EG as an IT supplier, as we use a different transfer basis than Privacy Shield when using suppliers from the USA.

Customer cases

  • EG Xellent: The best project in Öresundskraft's history

    In 2023, the South Swedish energy company Öresundskraft successfully upgraded their customer information system from AX2009 to EG Xellent D365.

  • Norwegian wholesalers make quick decision to save energy

    14 days. That's all it took for the two major Norwegian wholesalers Byggmakker and Onninen to pick EG Enerkey as their new energy management system.

  • Härjeåns

    Härjeåns eliminates the need for a high-maintenance server farm and gains a clear competitive advantage with EdiLink Services from EG Utility.

  • The Aalborg Utility Companies

    The utility companies in Aalborg, Denmark, needed new technology in order to handle the electricity market of 2003. The Xellent industry solution from EG Utility was chosen.

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