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Who benefits from EG InControl?

Useful features that simplify the workday and improve profitability

All needs covered in one solution.


Flexible dashboard solution

Flexible dashboard solution

With all information gathered in one place, you always have control. Check the weather forecast, status of non-conformities, checklists, and see which tasks need to be performed.

  • Optional widgets and interactive graphs
  • Visualize key activities
  • Notification center for quick overview
Document management

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Plan and document daily care, maintenance, and servicing of equipment, nets, and moorings. Generate checklists and service logs. Set up alerts.

  • Flexible annual, weekly, and daily checkpoints and tasks
  • Directly linked to non-conformity registration
  • Access dynamic reports
  • Upload documentation for equipment and facilities

Update procedures easily

Update procedures easily

Get an overview of all procedures. Organize, search, and modify procedures easily. Invite employees to read and confirm that the procedure has been read and understood.

  • Version history
  • Read and understood
  • Upload documents related to a procedure
  • Easy revision of procedures
  • Export PDF for reporting

Easy reporting of non-conformities

Easy reporting of non-conformities

Effortlessly register and track non-conformities with clarity. Use your mobile device for swift registration—accessible anytime, anywhere!

Key Features:

  • Clear and easy registration of non-conformities
  • Mobile-friendly for quick registration on the go
  • Always accessible – everywhere!

Additional Features:

  • Statistics and filtering tools for data analysis
  • Discuss actions and improvements
  • Direct linkage of non-conformities to procedures in the quality manual
  • Capture photos directly of non-conformities using a mobile or tablet

Non-Conformity Linking to Equipment and Checklists:

Our software facilitates seamless linking of non-conformities to specific equipment and checklists. This enables identification of non-conformities associated with particular equipment or checklist procedures.

With this integrated approach, you achieve cohesion between non-conformity registration, equipment management, and checklist compliance. This holistic approach to quality management ensures that non-conformities are addressed in alignment with specific requirements and procedures.


Intuitive risk assessment

Intuitive risk assessment

Assess risks and organize risk analyses in one place.

  • Document risk levels
  • Create action plans and control points
  • Assign tasks to employees

Control over chemicals

Control over chemicals

Inventory Management:

Effortlessly maintain control over chemical inventory and consumption with our software. Track and manage the quantity of each chemical in various storage locations or areas, facilitating efficient purchase planning and ensuring optimal chemical availability.


Complete Logging:

Our software meticulously logs all chemical-related activities, encompassing consumption, transfers, and returns. Access the comprehensive log effortlessly to track and identify any deviations or irregularities, maintaining traceability and ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards.


Simple Risk Assessment:

Our software streamlines the process of conducting risk assessments for chemicals. Quickly identify hazardous properties and assess appropriate handling and storage measures for enhanced safety and compliance.


Competence Management

Competence Management

Enhance competence management with our digital software, offering a comprehensive overview of employees' skills, certificates, and courses. Our solution streamlines the management and updating of competence data, ensuring you have real-time information to match the right skills with the right personnel.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Competence Overview: Easily record and update each employee's competence profile, including certificates and completed courses. This feature enables effective skill-task matching, ensuring the organization possesses the necessary expertise.

  2. Email Alerts: Stay informed about employee competence with configurable email alerts. Set criteria such as expiring certificates to receive timely notifications, allowing proactive measures to maintain required competencies.

  3. Color-Coded Validity Matrix: Visualize employee competence status through color-coded matrices. Assign colors to indicate validity levels, like green for valid and red for expired. Yellow highlights approaching expirations, providing immediate visual cues for necessary updates or further training.

Optimize your competence management, ensuring your organization always operates with the right skills at the right time.

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