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The ASPECT4 Transport solution has apps and smart functions such as the driver app, trailer app for damage, eService for carriers, robot invoicing and many more.

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ASPECT4 Trailer App

ASPECT4 Trailer App

Trailer App makes it easy to handle damage claims

With ASPECT4’s Trailer App, the driver can quickly register, document and share a claim with the shipping agent.

The driver logs into the app by entering the lorry and trailer.
While registering a claim, as a driver you can see which claims were previously registered on the entered trailer. Here you can also see pictures for each of the registered claims and thus get an overview of previous claims.

Report a new claim

When creating a new claim, select an area, e.g. rear light and type of damage (defects).

To document the damage, you can take a picture with a smartphone or tablet. When the driver has approved the claim, this is registered in ASPECT4 with a time stamp. Via ASPECT4’s deviation registration, the planning agent can find the driver’s claim registration and see the image documentation of the damage.

A registered claim can also initiate a workflow or send out an e-mail, so that you can immediately handle the claim.

Lorry statistics: See where the damage is

In the deviation registration you can follow the status, see how the case proceeds and extract statistics on which persons are to blame for damages and where the damages occur.

Freight calculator

Freight calculator

Freight calculator

Calculate a quick price for simple shipping from A to B

With the app you can calculate the price for a simple shipping job, in which a certain amount and type of goods is shipped from A to B. The app is especially suitable for ultra-fast replies to enquiries from occasional customers. The calculation is based on standard quotations, and the quotation is sent by e-mail using a standard template.

Target group: Shipping employees

Dossier overview

Dossier overview

Dossier overview

Get a quick overview of ongoing shipping jobs

This app provides planning agents with a quick overview of their own dossiers for ongoing shipping jobs. Icons show the last reported vehicle status and contact information for the driver. Bookings can be rearranged, and they may be cancelled or transferred to another dossier belonging to the same or another planning agent.

Target group: Driving planning agents.

Resource overview

Resource overview

Resource overview

Get a snapshot of the current resource situation

This app provides a snapshot of the current resource situation. The app shows an overview of the current status and information on lorries and trailers, and with an integration to an underlying fleet management system, the resources can also be monitored on the device's built-in map.

'Target group: Driving planning agents.

Dossier statistics

Dossier statistics

Dossier statistics

Get an overview of shipping statistics for shipping agents

This app provides an overview of the dossier departments available to each forwarding agent. The overview shows the overall statistical sums for the selected period such as turnover, costs and contribution margin. The sums can be compared to previous periods, and selected statistics are also available as graphic charts.

Target group: Driving planning agents.

Driver tasks

Driver tasks

Driver tasks

Get an overview of the day's driver tasks

This app provides your drivers or the drivers employed by your partners with an easy and clear overview of the tasks for a specific day. No printed driving lists are required, and the constantly updated list is an advantage for the drivers. It shows any replanning carried out by the planning agents back at the office, and it contains map information about loading and unloading sites.

Sign CMR consignment note

Now you can transfer the signature from the driver app directly to the CMR consignment note. The carrier signs through the app and then the signature is transferred to the CMR consignment note for use as a POD.

Receive notifications

As of Release 6.8 push notifications can be received on the driver app. They help to ensure that the driver is informed of changes, so that he immediately sees new information when it is released.

Chat between driver and planning agent

Drivers and carriers can now also communicate via a chat function in the app and ASPECT4.

With Activity Stream, the planning agent can send a message to the driver. The driver receives a notification that there has been a change to the dossier and can read and reply to the message in the app.

eService for carriers

eService for carriers

eService for carriers

Do you want to cooperate better together with your carriers on a daily basis?

With eService from ASPECT4, carriers, truck handlers, translators and others can use self-service tools and save time.

Minimises waiting time

The carrier always has up-to-date and easily accessible information about the progress of the trip in eService.

At the same time, the planning agent and everyone else saves time when a driver no longer has to wait for a message from the shipping agent, which first must go through the hands of a carrier, translator, etc.

Get an overview with eService

  • eService ensures that the carrier himself has the information he needs. The carrier also has several new options:
    Monthly crediting: View data on all truck crediting and find those that are missing
  • Missing PODs: See those trips where the CMR/POD was not delivered
  • Trip overview: See which trips the vehicles are scheduled for or have driven
  • Financial overview of transactions, invoices and account statements

Individual dashboard with user-friendly interface

On the main screen, the carriers have their own dashboard, where they can see revenue and mileage.

Monthly crediting and missing PODs/CMRs

The carrier can see the vehicle credits that have been issued and can check any settlement details on the screen without disturbing a planning agent. In the same manner, he can see transactions, dispatch invoices and account statements.
This makes it easier for the carrier to keep track of his business, as the information is both faster and easier online. For example, in eService the carrier can easily keep track of invoices online and avoid having to search for paper invoices and PDF invoices in e-mails.
An additional advantage is that the carrier can see whether or not the CMR/POD has been delivered to the shipping agent. All he needs to do is use awaiting-POD in ASPECT4.

Trip overview

Trip overview allows the carrier to log on and see which trips his vehicles are allocated to. The carrier can see the trip directly with the necessary information, cutting not only the amount of communication between the shipping agent and the carrier but also the waiting time.
When the carrier is able to follow the updated information on an ongoing basis, he can intervene immediately and does not have to wait for a response from a planning agent.
The trip overview also shows a list of the dossiers where the carrier's vehicles have been allocated. From here he can click on the trip and see the order and data of collections and deliveries.
In the list, the carrier can view a specific trip and view the relevant data. Internal data that only the shipping agent is allowed to see is not displayed.

3 advantages of eService

  • Simple self-service
  • Minimises waiting time
  • Always up-to-date information
Software robots

Robot invoicing

Robot invoicing

Robot invoicing saves 160 hours every month

Let a software robot take over your invoicing work. This saves time and resources.

Robot invoicing in ASPECT4 automates the tasks that you manually spend time on when you create and send invoices externally.

160 hours saved and better quality

It takes an average of 2.75 minutes to create and send one invoice manually. When the robot generates about 175 invoices per day, this corresponds to a minimum savings of 160 hours per month. A robot also improves quality and safety when sending out invoices.

Fewer checks

Robot invoicing allows you to automate and control the process. The only requirement is that the customer’s quotation has been created correctly in the system or that you remember to enter an agreed spot price for the booking.




Planning with ASPECT4 provides a complete overview

Optimise your planning and settlement with ASPECT4.

Are you also tired of spending too many resources on slow billing processes?
You can do something about it: Organise with ASPECT4 and integrate with PTV xServer, so you can both optimise your planning and automate your billing.

Easy to calculate trip costs

As the planning agent, once you have planned the trip correctly, including start and stop points, terminals and any ferries, you can immediately calculate the trip’s costs and clearly see the trip’s contribution margin before the driver is dispatched. At the same time, the route is shown on a map, where you can see the entire trip.

Exact geocodes in ASPECT4

The planned trip contains everything for further settlement, such as kilometres driven and road tax, calculated on the basis of the car’s information and EURO norm.

The trip is calculated on the exact geocodes that can easily be loaded into ASPECT4 via mass geocoding.

When the trip is ready, it can be automatically credited to the vehicle on the basis of the already performed calculation, and settlement can be sent to the carrier quickly and easily.

Easy access cloud solution

PTV xServer is a cloud solution, so you can avoid having to install a large server yourself to get access to the calculations.


Assisted Planning

Assisted Planning

The first phase of FuturePlanning, called Assisted Planning, is now ready. It consists of four areas:

  1. Consolidation
  2. Transparency
  3. Pre-plan
  4. Auto Release

At the same time, product groups are introduced for bookings, so that they can be categorised and handled differently in relation to the new functions.


ETA module

ETA module

Would you also like to tell your customers when their products will arrive?
With ASPECT Transport’s new ETA module, you have the option to display it.
In ASPECT4 Transport it is now possible to specify the ETA and share it with your customers. By specifying and sharing, you give the customer an indication that the time of arrival has been taken into account, and the customer does not need to contact you to ask when the goods will arrive.

POD Scanning

POD Scanning

POD Scanning

To ease and optimise your process around PODs, a new POD
scanning solution has been created, and it is now easier to get your PODs into ASPECT4.

Have the supplier e-mail a POD directly to a fixed mailbox. This is then emptied automatically by ASPECT4 and PODs are loaded. If you provide your own consignment note printed in ASPECT4, ASPECT4 attempts to find the booking number and archives the POD in the booking. If the booking number does not exist, or if delivery is made on a non-ASPECT4 consignment note, a POD is forwarded to Workflow.


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  • ASPECT4 Transport: A new release cycle

    With the release of Y23Q1, several new functionalities have been added to the dispatch cockpit, making it even more user-friendly. The driver app has also received new features.

  • ASPECT4 Transport: New Resource Management

    Resource management, tracking with GPS data, and trailer data in your new dispatch cockpit is the next big project. Several things are underway to make your daily work easier.

  • EG Transport for the first time at the Nordic 'Logistik & Transport' fair

    For the first time, EG’s digital transport solutions will be presented at the Nordic region’s leading transport fair, Logistik & Transport, in Gothenborg on 8 and 9 November 2022.

  • New release with NewPlanning

    The next ASPECT4 Transport release will soon be ready to be rolled out to everyone and will be presented on Tuesday, 10 May at Comwell in Kolding.

  • New employee on the ASPECT4 Transport team

    Please welcome our new consultant to the team. We are busy in ASPECT4 Transport and have been looking forward to expanding the team with an experienced colleague. A warm welcome to Bjarke Skaaning.

  • EG completes the acquisition of Jydacom, TRYGG/2000 and Alystra

    Today EG completed the acquisition of the software businesses Jydacom, TRYGG/2000 and Alystra from TietoEVRY.

  • Schrems II & Standard Contractual Clauses

    EG has ensured that our customers can safely continue to use EG as an IT supplier, as we use a different transfer basis than Privacy Shield when using suppliers from the USA.

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