We deliver Nordic vertical software

EG is a market leading vendor of Nordic vertical software for private and public customers.

Our software is developed by specialists with deep industry and domain knowledge, supporting business-critical and administrative processes.

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EG in figures

EG provides Nordic vertical software that enables customers to further develop their business. EG has more than 2,000 employees who primarily work at locations in the Nordic countries and at a joint development center in Poland. We develop, deliver and service our own software for more than 29,000 customers in the private and public sectors.

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Since 1978 we have brought enduring innovation year after year to the Scandinavian market within the industries, we serve.

Below is an outline of some of the milestones in the our history.

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EG Group

EG Danmark A/S (CVR 84 66 78 11)
EG Norge AS (CRN 983 781 233)
EG Retail AS (CRN 968 992 600)
EG Retail AB (CRN 556 484-9965)
Front Systems AS (CRN 991 083 413)
Front Development Spain SL. (CRN B88145115)
Ørn Software AS (CRN 979443471)
Ørn Software Holding Oy (CRN ShelCo 199 Oy, 3208703-2)
Rapal Oy (CRN 0833937-5)
Optimaze Inc. (CRN 42-41774310)
Ørn Software AB (CRN 556637-0952)
Entro AB (CRN 556855-9594)
Örn Software Ehf. (CRN 710890-1379)
Ørn Software ApS (CVR 25892984)
PatientSky App AS (CRN 929666054)
PatientSky SAAS Norway AS (CRN 929666070)
PatientSky Hosting AS (CRN 91530720)
Hove Medical Systems AS (CRN 920707580)
Programvareforlaget AS (CRN 974481049)
Infodoc AS (CRN 916831781)
Acino AS (CRN 918091998)
EG Sverige AB (CRN 556 164-5648)
Zavann AB (CRN 556751-5514)
Props Utility Solutions AB (CRN 556662-5959)
Props Utility Services AB (CRN 556984-2767)
Holte AS (CRN 982 506 395)
EG Poland Sp. z.o.o. (CRN 0000824848)
EG Digital Welfare ApS (CVR 27 72 01 02)
ShowMyDay ApS (CVR 39 36 52 51)
Dynaway A/S (CVR 25 30 91 03)
Xena ApS (CVR 34 08 06 31)
Calwin A/S (CVR 19 44 33 45)
EGDK India Private Limited (CRN U72200KA2004PTC034845)
Sigma Estimates A/S (CVR 27 11 07 03)
EG Finland Oy (CRN 2961563-1)
Jydacom Oy (CRN-1819196-8)
Silverbucket Oy (CRN-2371301-1)
EnerKey Group (CRN 2628229-6)
EnerKey OY (CRN 2840649-1)
InfoCD A/S (CVR 19 56 07 83)

News and press releases

  • New Sales Director in EG Building Supply

    Christian Brandrup is the new Sales Director for EG's industry solution to the timber and DIY segment in the Nordic region.

  • Strengthening Corporate IT in EG: Michal Glowinski is the new CIO

    Michal Glowinski is the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) in EG and will lead a transformation of the internal IT architecture.

  • ASPECT4 Transport: New Resource Management

    Resource management, tracking with GPS data, and trailer data in your new dispatch cockpit is the next big project. Several things are underway to make your daily work easier.

  • EG acquires InfoCD and invests further in software for the housing industry

    EG acquires its partner, the Danish proptech company InfoCD, and strengthens its position as supplier of industry software for housing administration.

  • EG acquires Props to extend offering within easy-to-use software for utility billing

    Today EG, a leading Nordic software company, announced the acquisition of the Swedish based software company Props Utility Solutions AB and Props Utility Services AB.

  • EG closes acquisition of PatientSky Saas Norway

    Today EG, a leading Nordic software company, announced the closing of the acquisition of PatientSky Saas Norway AS and PatientSky APP AS.

  • Mandatory new requirements for sustainable construction

    LCA – a concept that is suddenly everywhere. What is it and what does it mean for you?

  • ShowMyDay becomes part of EG Sensum One

    EG has acquired the company behind the app, which will be included in EG Digital Welfare's offerings in the specialized social area.

  • EG Utility Sweden signs new contract

    EG Utility Sweden and Vattenfall AB signs new contract about the use of the billing system EG Xellent D365 in both Denmark and Norway, with the possibility of expanding to Finland and Sweden.

  • EG reaches a turnover of two billion DKK in 2022 and further strengthens its Nordic market positions

    EG reaches a turnover of two billion DKK in 2022 and further strengthens its Nordic market positions.

  • EG signs agreement to acquire PatientSky SaaS Norway

    EG hereby expands its position as a software supplier for the healthcare sector, especially for general practitioners, specialist doctors and physiotherapists.

  • Sustainability reporting a prerequisite for company existence

    The EU and its stakeholders expect companies to provide more transparent and truthful sustainability reporting.

  • The employees' Christmas donation goes to electricity and heating in Ukraine

    A record number of employees in EG have donated their company Christmas gift to the Danish charity "Kyiv fryser"/ "Kyiv is Freezing".

  • No more careless energy consumption

    For years, careless energy consumption has been one of the biggest causes for emission and there is an urgent need to reduce the environmental impact now.

  • “It’s a cliche, but it’s true: you learn something new every day”

    “It’s a cliche, but it’s true: you learn something new every day” In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Eija Kestilä from EG EnerKey Oy in Finland.

  • “You have to think about things and solve problems – that's what makes it interesting.”

    “You have to think about things and solve problems – that's what makes it interesting.” In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Eleonore Bergqvist, software developer at EG in Sweden.

  • “You can be creative in the IT industry”

    “You can be creative in the IT industry” In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Kathrine Lindequist Beyer from EG Digital Welfare in Denmark.

  • It's simply a must to comply with international standards

    When you share data about your CO2-emissions, your key figures must be comparable and you should use recognized standards as defined by GHG, GRI and SBTi.

  • DAREKON: Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

    Darekon use EG EnerKey for energy and sustainability management and is committed to be a sustainable company.

  • "I've never thought that gender matters"

    "I've never thought that gender matters" In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Ida Storhagen from EG in Norway.

  • Bright Energy and EG launches new collaboration

    The need for innovative solutions regarding energy consumption and energy efficiency is in-creasing heavily due to rising electricity prices.

  • EG Transport for the first time at the Nordic 'Logistik & Transport' fair

    For the first time, EG’s digital transport solutions will be presented at the Nordic region’s leading transport fair, Logistik & Transport, in Gothenborg on 8 and 9 November 2022.

  • Market leaders combine their services - EG EnerKey and Danfoss Leanheat®

    EG EnerKey, one of the leading sustainability and energy management SaaS providers in the Nordic countries, and Danfoss Leanheat®, a pioneer in district heating network end-to-end optimization, are launching a partnership to provide property owners and district heating companies market-leading solutions for both heat optimization and efficiency.

  • Energy crisis accelerates efforts to reach climate goals

    EG accelerates internal efforts to achieve its own climate goals and to disseminate the standard solutions that can help customers’ and society’s need for action now.

  • EG and 2021.AI to design AI solutions for public-sector social work

    EG has launched a joint initiative with 2021.AI, which specializes in the responsible use of data and technology. The partnership will develop AI solutions to support social caseworkers in municipalities across Denmark.

  • EG closes acquisition of Ørn Software Holding AS 

    Today EG, a leading Nordic software company, announced the closing of the acquisition of the Norwegian company Ørn Software Holding AS.

  • Minimum acceptance level reached regarding the voluntary cash offer by EG Norge AS to acquire all shares in Ørn Software

    EG has received acceptances from shareholders representing more than 90% of the issued and outstanding share capital and voting rights of the company.

  • Minimum acceptance level reached regarding the voluntary cash offer by EG Norge to acquire all shares in Ørn Software

    EG has received acceptances from shareholders representing more than 90% of the issued and outstanding share capital and voting rights of the company.

  • EG acquires specialized software for digital self-service and case management from Dafolo A/S

    Today EG acquired software products for public digital self-service and specialized case handling from the Danish software provider, Dafolo.

  • EG acquires specialized software for digital self-service and case management from Dafolo A/S

    Today EG acquired software products for public digital self-service and specialized case handling from the Danish software provider, Dafolo.

  • EG issues offer document to acquire all outstanding shares of Ørn Software Holding

    Today EG has issued the offer document for the voluntary cash offer to acquire all outstanding shares of Ørn Software Holding AS

  • EG issues offer document to acquire all outstanding shares of Ørn Software Holding

    Today EG has issued the offer document for the voluntary cash offer to acquire all outstanding shares of Ørn Software Holding AS

  • EG signs agreement with an offer to acquire Ørn Software Holding AS

    Today EG, a leading Nordic software company, announced the offer to acquire all shares in listed company Ørn Software Holding AS

  • EG acquires Vitani Energy Systems A/S

    EG confirms its commitment to become the market leading supplier of software for sustainability and energy management in the Nordics.

  • EG grew revenue by 22% and strengthened its Nordic market position in 2021

    EG, a market leading vendor of Nordic vertical software, today published its annual report and separate ESG report for 2021.

  • EG completes the acquisition of Ajour System

    Ajour System specializes in Software-as-a-Service for the construction industry, including software for all parts of the construction process.

  • New release with NewPlanning

    The next ASPECT4 Transport release will soon be ready to be rolled out to everyone and will be presented on Tuesday, 10 May at Comwell in Kolding.

  • New employee on the ASPECT4 Transport team

    Please welcome our new consultant to the team. We are busy in ASPECT4 Transport and have been looking forward to expanding the team with an experienced colleague. A warm welcome to Bjarke Skaaning.

  • Bærum Energi live on Gasell

    The Norwegian utility Bærum Energi has gone live on Gasell, the electricity trading system, which is supplied by EG company Zavann in Sweden.

  • Michael Moyell Juul joins EG as Executive Vice President

    Today EG announced that Michael Moyell Juul joins the company as Executive Vice President in the Private division.

  • Vinmonopolet expands its trials with self-service checkouts

    Norway’s answer to Sweden's Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet, is now rolling digital self-service solutions from EG Retail out in a large number of its stores.

  • EG signs agreement to acquire Ajour System

    Today EG announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the Danish software company Ajour System A/S.

  • Four projects receive the EG Climate Gift 2021

    Four UN certified offset projects in India, Fiji, Philippines and Malawi has been favored as the recipients of the EG Climate Gift for 2021.

  • Shaping the future business models for power and utilities

    For the second time, this virtual conference will gather professionals responsible for Energy-as-a-service, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency specifically from Power and Utilities operator companies across Europe.

  • EG acquires UNOIT ApS

    UNOIT ApS offers software that handles public educational guidance for citizens aged 12-24 years for the Danish municipalities.

  • EG EnerKey and AFS Energy into cooperation to offer enterprises and public sector organizations means for achieving carbon neutrality

    EG EnerKey, one of the Nordic regions leading sustainability and energy management SaaS providers, and AFS Energy, a leading commodity house concentrated on the renewable energy market, start a cooperation to help their corporate and public sector customers in achieving carbon neutrality by offering voluntary verified emission reduction certificates.

  • Electricity demand response solution available for EG EnerKey’s customers – cooperation with Fusebox announced

    Estonian startup Fusebox and EG EnerKey have entered a partnership to offer EG EnerKey's customers a solution for electricity demand response.

  • EG completes the acquisition of Jydacom, TRYGG/2000 and Alystra

    Today EG completed the acquisition of the software businesses Jydacom, TRYGG/2000 and Alystra from TietoEVRY.

  • EG signs agreement to acquire TRYGG/2000 to strengthen its presence in the Nordic building materials market

    Today EG announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the software solution TRYGG/2000 from the owner, TietoEVRY.

  • EG signs agreement to acquire Jydacom and expands in the Finnish construction market

    Today EG announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the Finnish software solution Jydacom from the owner, TietoEVRY.

  • EG signs agreement to acquire transport management system Alystra

    Today EG announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the transport management system Alystra from the owner, TietoEVRY.

  • EnerKey is now EG EnerKey

    As a part of EG A/S, we are proud to announce that EnerKey is now EG EnerKey. We still stand behind our values and our mission to help our customers and partners to help turn their resource data into sustainable impact.

  • EG acquires Silverbucket and enters the construction industry in Finland

    Silverbucket delivers a project resource management software for engineering consultancy companies, contractors and architectural groups.

  • LEVA i Lysekil and Lysekil municipality collaborate in af joint sustainability project

    Energy company LEVA i Lysekil and EnerKey, a leading provider of sustainability and energy management systems in the Nordic region’s, have signed a pilot agreement for digital energy management services.

  • Klaus Holse elected new chairman of the Board of Directors at EG

    Klaus Holse, former CEO at SimCorp, has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors at EG A/S at an extraordinary general meeting.

  • The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5% energy consumption by 2025

    The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5 percent energy consumption by 2025. Hyvinkää is part of the Hinku municipalities that all aim to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2030.

  • EG acquires Aver & Lauritzen

    EG is expanding its position as a specialised software supplier for the primary healthcare sector, especially for practitioners and specialists.

  • EG acquires InCom and invests further in solutions for the housing industry

    EG acquires the Danish proptech company InCom, and strengthens its position as a supplier of agile industry software for housing administration.

  • Cloud service needs API to exist

    The term “API” is causing a lot of discussion and comes to the surface especially when it comes to cloud-based platform solutions. So, what makes “API” so topical?

  • Our future lies in carbon neutrality

    It is naive to think we are living in a bubble imaging that the environmental emergency does not require acute action from companies.

  • EG acquires Zavann and strengthens its utility business in the Nordics

    Zavann is specialized in billing and electricity retail systems.

  • John tours back to Gran Sasso - 32 years later

    After 32 years, former professional cycling legend John Carlsen will once again try to conquer Gran Sasso, where he reached the peak of his career as top athlete as winner of Stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia in 1989.

  • Business Product Manager Blog Series: Push data into EnerKey SaaS with the new EnerKey API

    Data is the cornerstone that all EnerKey service solutions are built on. EnerKey already has integrations with more than 80 systems but we still come across systems for which there is no existing interface.

  • EG acquires Front Systems AS and strengthens the focus on digitalisation of the retail industry

    EG acquires Front Systems and strengthens its position as a preferred partner of digital solutions for the retail industry in the Nordic region.

  • EG acquires the key to reduce carbon emissions based on data

    EG acquires the key to reduce carbon emissions based on data and at the same time enters the Finnish market.

  • EnerKey gets a new owner to accelerate international growth

    Finnish EnerKey has succeeded in building a market-leading SaaS solution, helping property owners significantly to reduce their emissions and environmental impact.

  • EG acquires PM El-Beregning

    EG has acquired the Danish software company PM El-Beregning and continues an ambitious ConTech strategy in the Scandinavian construction industry.

  • EG executes on its strategy and increases revenue by 15% in 2020

    EG continues to grow in pursuit of its mission to deliver market leading vertical software

  • EnerKey and Lyse into a partnership agreement – digital sustainability and energy management services for Lyse’s enterprise and public sector customers

    Lyse, a Norwegian industrial and utility company, and EnerKey, the Nordic region’s leading provider of intelligent sustainability and energy management SaaS, have entered into a partnership agreement.

  • EG acquires Norwegian EasyUpdate

    EG strengthens its position in the beauty og wellness market with the acquisition of the software company EasyUpdate AS.

  • EG acquires FrontAvenue A/S and the SafetyNet-platform

    EG has acquired FrontAvenue A/S and SafetyNet, one of the market leading tools for administration of occupational health and safety.

  • IT Minds changes owner

    After seven years as owner, EG has decided to divest the consultancy firm IT Minds. The divestment is due to IT Minds falling outside EG's focus on proprietary software within specific industries.

  • Energy efficiency contributes to circular economy

    Circular economy often comes up in discussions about waste management, transportation, or economy in general. But what does circular economy entail?

  • Sustainable future with sustainable investing

    In December of 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published an extensive report on energy efficiency (https://www.iea.org/reports/energy-efficiency-2020).

  • Oulun Energia to provide market-leading sustainability and energy management solutions for its enterprise and public sector customers

    To support sustainable development and to achieve carbon neutrality goals, Oulun Energia has started a partnership with EnerKey, the leading Nordic provider of sustainability and energy management SaaS solution.

  • EG confirms support to the UN Global Compact

    In the annual status report to UN, EG confirms its support to the UN Global Compact's ten principles of responsible corporate governance. This includes the respect for human rights and labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption, just as an outspoken recognition of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Visma Tampuuri, Kamstrup and EnerKey into a cooperation – simplifying water invoicing for residential properties

    Visma Tampuuri, Kamstrup and EnerKey work together to provide residential property sector with an effortless service package that enables consumption-based water invoicing by combining the market leading solutions.

  • Three green energy projects receive a ClimateGift

    Three UN certified energy projects in Chile, Mongolia and India has been favored as the recipients of this year's EG ClimateGift.

  • Five Steps to Sustainability

    There are plenty of information and data on sustainability, but it can be scattered in various sources and choosing the right one can prove challenging.

  • Stockholm Gas AB and Gasnätet Stockholm AB choose EG as their partner and service provider

    Stockholm's gas suppliers, Stockholm Gas AB and Gasnätet Stockholm AB, have chosen to enter into an agreement and partnership with EG Utility. The agreement covers a total service delivery within invoicing, contract management, measurement value management, market communication etc. in the Swedish gas market.

  • Climate-positive electricity company has customer data under control

    GodEl is a sustainable and climate-positive electricity company – qualities that demand a great deal of community engagement as well as an excellent IT partner.

  • Does Innovation Excite Energy Industry?

    Sustainability has been the biggest driving force for the energy industry. Products and services are flooding into the markets and new pilot projects are being launched left and right.

  • Ines Heating – what does heating energy reveal?

    Properties’ ventilation time program analysis carried out by our intelligent, virtual energy and sustainability manager Ines, was the first case we made the data do the work for us.

  • Low-carbon blog series: From consuming to producing renewable electricity

    Can solar PV serve as a solution to both the company’s profitability and climate change at the same time?

  • The workplace of the future is flexible and digital – EG included

    EG A/S has introduced a new Work From Home policy that gives employees the opportunity to work much more from home.

  • EG acquires Danish software company Prosedo

    The acquisition strengthens EG's position as provider of intelligent software for the housing and property administration market in Denmark.

  • EG acquires Danish software company Capto A/S

    EG has acquired Capto A/S, a Danish company that specialises in software to law firms, legal departments, membership organisations and course providers.

  • EG A/S Acquires the Educational Application Platform LUDUS Suite from DXC Technology

    EG acquires LUDUS Suite from DXC Technology and enters the edutech business The LUDUS Suite platform serves a wide variety of educational institutions in Denmark.

  • Low-carbon blog series: Sustainability management as a key factor in successful business

    Interest in sustainability and sustainability management has surfaced recently. But what is sustainability and what is sustainability management?

  • EG acquires Sigma Estimates A/S

    EG acquires the software company Sigma Estimates A/S as part of a strategy to strengthen software solutions for the Scandinavian construction market.

  • Low-carbon blog series: Profitable Growth with Sustainability

    Change and sustainability. As a term they both have ominous connotations.

  • What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught us? Five important insights on digitalisation

    Covid-19 has shown us in record time just how important digitalisation is. Here are five things we learned during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  • EG acquires Altiplan

    EG's subsidiary Silkeborg Data A/S acquires the Danish software company Altiplan Aps. The company provides a unique rostering system, HosInfo, that is used on more than 70 hospital wards in Denmark.

  • EG Utility wins important supply contract with Energinet

    Following a mini competition held under the SKI framework agreement 02.19, Energinet in Denmark has opted to award the contract for a new settlement system to EG Utility.

  • Schrems II & Standard Contractual Clauses

    EG has ensured that our customers can safely continue to use EG as an IT supplier, as we use a different transfer basis than Privacy Shield when using suppliers from the USA.

  • EG acquires A-Data A/S

    EG has acquired Danish IT company, A-Data A/S, software provider to the Danish healthcare sector.

  • EG's board expands after year of growth with new owner

    After a successful first year with new owner Francisco Partners, EG's board expands - will reinforce and support EG's ambitious growth plan.

  • EG acquires Hano AS

    EG has acquired the software company Hano AS with 3,500 customers. The company is at the forefront in Norway and provides IT solutions for health and wellness

  • EG acquires Holte

    EG has acquired the software company Holte, the Norwegian market leader within software to the construction industry

EG facts
Group management
    • Mikkel joined EG as CEO in 2016. Prior to EG, Mikkel was CEO of Satair Group SAS, where he worked in different roles during 10 years. He has also worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and as a SAP consultant with IBM Global Services and in Novozymes IT. Mikkel holds a Master (cand.merc.) in International Marketing Management.

    • EVP, EG Public

      Johnny Iversen

      Read more Read less

      As divisional director of EG Public, Johnny's objective is to turn EG into the most valued partner to the Danish public sector. Johnny is respected as a result-oriented and proactive leader with international and extensive experience within the IT industry. His practical IT experience is supplemented by an MBA, a Diploma in Economics and Organisation (HD) and a Diploma in Computer Science and Strategy (datanom). Johnny started his career at EG in 2012 as vice president of Customer Support, then became vice president of Utility Enterprise Solutions in 2013 before becoming director of EG Silkeborg Data A/S in 2016. Previously, as vice president of Global Support and head of Global Customer Support at the IBS group, he was responsible for building a joint Nordic support and BPO organisation for utility customers based on Dynamics AX.

    • EVP, EG Private

      Erik Tomren

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      Erik Tomren is EVP for the Private II Division, which includes the Construction & Retail business areas. Erik joined EG as EVP for the Retail Division when EG acquired Lindbak Retail Systems in June 2019. He had been working there as CEO since 2010. Prior to this, Erik was responsible for the 'Card Solutions' business area in Nets, which provides payment solutions for financial institutions and the retail trade in the Nordic region. Erik started his career as a consultant at Visma, and has a MSc in Business from North University in Norway.

    • Head of HR

      Tina Bodin

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      Tina Bodin was appointed Director of HR in 2005. Tina joined EG in 2000, starting as HR Development Manager. Prior to this, Tina worked with implementation of SAP R/3 Human Resource, Knowledge Management, recruitment, project management and general personnel and organisation development. Tina Bodin has an MSc in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School (1997)

    • Head of Marketing & Communications

      Nina Maj Fjordvald

      Tel.: +45 7220 7772

      Email: nimfj@eg.dk

      Read more Read less

      Nina Maj Fjordvald was appointed VP for Marketing & Communications in EG on 1 May 2019 and comes from a position as European Marketing Manager with IBM. Nina's experience comes from the IT and technology sector primarily where she has found her passion for digitisation, technology and IT solutions providing clients, their surroundings and the community with specific value. Nina holds a B. Com. in IT and Financial Management from CBS as well as an MBA from Warwick University, England, and has extensive professional experience with sales, marketing and strategic management.

    • Henrik Hansen was appointed CFO in 2018 and comes from a position as group CFO with the Icopal Group. Prior to this, Henrik held other executive positions with Icopal, including in connection with major restructuring projects in both manufacturing and finance for the company's German and Austrian activities. Formerly, Henrik was employed in TDC's Treasury department and with Novozymes as Business Controller for Supply Chain. Henrik has an MSc in Business Administration and Accounting from CBS and has later added a master's course in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires.

    • EVP, EG Private

      Michael Moyell Juul

      Tel.: +45 7013 2211

      Email: mimju@eg.dk

    • Allan Bech was appointed CTO in 2019. Allan came to EG in 2011 and has held various executive positions, primarily heading up various infrastructure and software technology teams and business units. Among other things, together with a strong management, product and development team Allan has created the software and service concept EG Business Care that led to EG in 2015 being proclaimed Innovation Partner of the Year by Microsoft. Before he came to EG, Allan's work included the development, implementation and sale of software and infrastructure services to clients in the Scandinavian market.

    • Head of Corporate PMO

      Jacob Buchardt

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      Jacob Buchardt was appointed VP for Corporate PMO & Quality in January 2017. Jacob is responsible for cross-organisational transformation and post merger integration projects. Prior to this, for a ten year period Jacob was a management consultant with among others Implement Consulting Group and before that worked for IKEA for 12 years in management positions, e.g. in Holland and Germany. Jacob holds an MA (Law) from the University of Copenhagen and a higher diploma in Business Controlling & Process Management from Copenhagen Business School from 2001 and studied innovation management with INSEAD in France.

    • Head of Corporate Strategy & M&A

      Björn Martinsson

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      Björn joined EG in 2020 and is leading the Corporate Strategy and M&A functions. Prior to EG, Björn held a similar role with the Norwegian software and IT services business, EVRY, between 2016-2020 and before to that spent 16 years in technology investment banking, based in London. Björn holds a master's degree in finance from Stockholm School of Economics.

Board of Directors
    • Chairperson of the Board

      Klaus Holse

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    • Board member

      Carsten Knudsen

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      Carsten Knudsen is non-executive board member of EG since September 2019. Carsten Knudsen has a HD and an MBA supplemented by several international management courses. Carsten Knudsen was up to end 2014 CEO of Esko bvba specializing in software and solutions to the global packaging industry. Prior to Esko bvba Carsten Knudsen served as CFO of ISS A/S from 2000 to 2002. He started his career in AP Møller/Maersk where he over a 13 year period had a number of positions in Denmark, Spain, Asia and USA. Carsten Knudsen chairs and participates in a number of boards.

    • Board member

      Mike Barry

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      Mike joined Francisco Partners Consulting (FPC) in 2016 as an Operating Partner with a focus on Products and Technology. Mike is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience in high tech corporations. Prior to joining FPC, Mike was Executive Vice President of R&D and Product Management at Aderant, a global provider of comprehensive business management software for law and other professional services firms. Mike was instrumental in leading Aderant over 9 years through three successful ownership transactions, including its sale to Roper Technologies for $675M. Prior to Aderant, Mike held leadership positions at EFI, TR Systems and Datapoint corporation. Mike holds over 25 patents, is a published author and has been a featured speaker at legal events all over the world.


      B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

    • Employee representative

      Lone Nedergaard-Jensen

    • Employee representative

      Stein Rustad

    • Vice Chairperson

      Petri Oksanen

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      Petri Oksanen is a partner at Francisco Partners and focuses primarily on enterprise application software companies. Prior to joining Francisco Partners in 2005, Petri worked at Morgan Stanley in their Technology Investment Banking group in Menlo Park, California. Earlier in his career, Petri held a variety of business development, program management, and software development roles at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Petri currently serves on the board of directors of EG, Consignor, Plex Systems, and Vendavo. He formerly served on the board of directors of Aconex (IPO), AdvancedMD (acquired by ADP), API Healthcare (acquired by GE Healthcare), ByBox, ClickSoftware (acquired by Salesforce), Healthland (acquired by CPSI), Prometheus Group (acquired by a financial sponsor), Source Photonics (acquired by a financial sponsor), and T-System (acquired by Fidelity National). Petri was also previously involved with FP’s investments in Ex Libris (acquired by a financial sponsor), LYNX Medical Systems (acquired by Picis), Specific Media (acquired by Time), and Webtrends (acquired by Oracle).


      B.A.Sc. with Joint Honors in Computer Engineering and Economics with Distinction from the University of Waterloo.

    • Board member

      Jane Wiis

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      Jane Wiis is passionate about the digitisation of the public sector in Denmark, and has been Director of IT and Digitisation at DBC A/S since 2017. Earlier in her career Jane Wiis was Municipal Director and has held a number of other leadership roles within the municipality. She was senior consultant at NIRAS and from 2012 to 2016 she held the role of Director at KL with responsibility for digitisation. With more than twenty years of experience in digitisation of the public market, Jane Wiis brings with her deep, valuable knowledge of municipal thinking, focusing on the inhabitant and customer perspectives as well as unique expertise on the building of IT infrastructure, operations and digitisation of the Danish public sector.


      Cand.scient.pol. (equivalent to M.Sc in Political Science)

    • Board member

      Quentin Lathuille

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      Quentin Lathuille is a Vice President with Francisco Partners, based in London. Prior to joining Francisco Partners, Quentin was part of Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division in London, with a focus on the Technology sector. Quentin has been involved in Francisco Partners’ investments in BeyondTrust, BluJay, EG, Operative and Redis Labs.


      M.S. in Business Administration and Finance from ESCP-Europe, Paris.
      M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Supélec, Paris.

    • Employee representative

      Poul Rabjerg


This is how we work and what defines us.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Customer focus

We have deep knowledge of our customers' business and industries

We enable our customers to become industry leaders by providing best in class vertical software and support. Our software is infused with the highly specialized knowledge of all of our employees. We always strive to get better: We are a team of innovators, problem solvers and doers. Without our customers and bright employees, there is no EG.

Deliver what we promise

Deliver what we promise

Deliver what we promise

We take responsibility and deliver mission critical solutions

It is an integral part of our culture that we take responsibility for our contribution to customers, to each other and to the society we live in. We deliver quality and reliability and we aim to always be a trusted partner. We know that the solutions we deliver are mission critical for our customers and that we take very seriously.

Respect for each other

Respect for each other

Respect for each other

We honor diverse ways of thinking

In EG we embrace workforce diversity and value a diversity of perspectives – leveraging the diverse personalities, thinking, skills, experience and working styles of our employees, customers and other stakeholders. Scandinavian leadership culture in everything we do: No politics. Only real responsibility and collaboration.


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Per Roholt

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