We deliver Nordic vertical software

EG is a market leading vendor of Nordic vertical software for private and public customers.

Our software is developed by specialists with deep industry and domain knowledge, supporting business-critical and administrative processes.

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Our business

Our business

We love to make technology and business communicate!

Software is best, when it makes a difference for the people who use it every day. At EG, we are market leading vendors of Nordic vertical software to more than 26.000 customers in the private and public sector.

We believe that together we can provide our customers with the best software on the market that allows them to further develop and strengthen their organization.

Our organization is characterized by great flexibility, and we are working in an informal, modern and agile environment.




We deliver the best software on the market because we have highly competent and engaged employees who know that they will only get better through collaboration and active knowledge sharing. Our belief is that everyone has a talent that can be practised, and we know that personality and teamwork are essential factors in order to deliver.

In EG, we give you the opportunity to further develop your talent and therefore we work focused and structured with the development of our employees and managers through our GROW-processes and internal mobility, among other things. We believe that development of our employees comes from within – and that development only happens if both employees and managers take responsibility and are active during the process.

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

At EG, we emphasize that you get a professional and positive recruitment process when you apply for a job in EG. Our goal is to attract the best candidates with diverse competences, backgrounds and experiences. We believe that diversity among our employees helps create the best results and an amazing workplace.

Our recruitment process consists of the following steps:

recruitment process

Meet our employees

  • Mikołaj Olszewski
  • Christine Totland
  • Michał Kurek
  • Tina Lundgren
  • Urszula Koscijanczuk
  • Issa Chahin
  • Adam Koper

Mikołaj Olszewski

QA Tester

My daily life and responsibilities at EG have greatly evolved during the last three years. I started as a Tester, now I am in charge of Test Manager duties and also work as a Scrum Master within my team. My day starts with a daily meeting and saying hello to my EG friends. In the morning we talk about the latest news, sports, and other common topics. It's great to have such a chit chat before starting work. I remember when I joined EG I spent the first three weeks in Denmark as part of the onboarding. When I came back to the polish office, I immediately felt that I had a common language with the rest of the team members. It was great and made me feel more confident.

I know that I can always count on my team members and they are willing to help me, which of course works both ways. I care a lot about good relations not only inside my team but also with all colleagues across other departments. Whenever I feel like having a talk with someone in the office, I'm trying to grab a coffee with them.

Each day at EG is slightly different, one day is filled with project meetings and in the next day I can, for example, fully dedicate myself to testing.

EG has a great atmosphere inside the distributed teams and in our Polish location. It is the possibilities to learn new tools and being part of new projects for EG that makes it fun for me to come to work every day.

My greatest work-related experience was the possibility to start my adventure within test automation. It was great I could use Java programming which I learned at the University. I am happy that I, even though I been in EG for three years, still can improve my skills and learn something new every day.

I really appreciate the EG working culture, my fantastic colleagues and the great office. It feels like we are one big family. What makes EG different as a workplace is the extensive focus on employee satisfaction, it's the first place where I have experienced such approach. There is always time and space for a talk with my manager who priorities my satisfaction. What I also appreciate is the flexibility and the work-life balance.

Mikolaj Olszewski

Christine Totland

Senior Manager

I love my job working as a manager in Retail Operations. My expectations about EG have been fully realized, being a fast-growing company that delivers what it promises. With EGs extensive range of products and systems, there's always something new to learn. I thrive on the day-to-day challenges my job offers and the continuous learning and adaptability it demands, keeping me at the forefront of where the industry is heading. The dynamic nature of my work and the challenges it brings truly energize me and is a significant factor contributing to my job satisfaction and continuous motivation.

Several aspects make me happy and proud to work at EG. First and foremost, I take great pride in being a part of the innovative software we provide for the future and being part of a company that delivers market-leading solutions to the retail industry. Interacting with customers and representing EG's purpose is something that fills me with pride, as it allows us to showcase who we are and the path we're heading towards.

I'm also proud to be part of an inclusive and open organization that embraces diversity and accommodates people with different backgrounds and personal experiences to ensure that everyone feels welcome. I fondly recall the warm welcome I received during my onboarding, and I continue to be amazed by everyone's ability to step in and help when needed, even with busy schedules.

I believe that EG is the perfect match for me. This is because our values align, it complements my personal skills, and it offers a warm and friendly work environment that fosters continuous personal and professional growth. EG stands out for various reasons, one of the primary factors being our strong leadership. We're fortunate to have capable leaders providing us with the right tools and a clear direction to achieve our shared objectives. The positive atmosphere and supportive colleagues truly make EG stand out, creating a strong sense of belonging.

If you're seeking personal and professional development, EG is the perfect place to continue your career.


Michał Kurek

Senior Software Developer

I am a Senior Software Developer, as well as a Team Leader and Scrum Master. I have been in EG since 2016 where I started as a Junior Developer in my first full-time job. It was a period of intense learning and I was exposed to a lot of new technologies. I started to learn the business side, which allowed me to understand what the expectations were from customers. In 2018 I was promoted to Regular Developer which meant more independence and responsibility for the tasks given to me. I became Team Leader later and there were a lot of new people in the team, so I was responsible for their introductions and learning which gave me the opportunity to grow in a managerial direction. As part of NGA's transformation into EG I took on the role of Scrum Master, which is very demanding, but I still really like it. The role requires a lot of commitment and has taught me how to analyze in depth and collaborate even better with other team members.

I enjoy my job because my position gives me the opportunity to solve programming problems. I like exploring, learning new things which my role in the organization allows me to do. The best part of my job is when our software goes into production and I know that our customers can use it. It means we have achieved our goal and we are helping someone to function better.

I have chosen to work in EG due to great atmosphere, the approach to the employees, support from the Manager at a daily basis and their ability to build good relationships. I value the open-minded people, who are willing to help and the constant desire to improve. I was surprised at the very beginning how casual the atmosphere is in EG and I really appreciate direct and open communication with people at every level. It very much feels like we're on equal terms and can discuss anything.

In terms of my development since I've joined EG, I've been working successfully on improving my professional skills, but I've also gained the ability to efficiently share my thoughts with other people and lead them in a small team. My senior colleagues helped me to learn how to approach more difficult issues and see the value in processes and tasks we're working on.

In terms of my contribution to EG, I like to think that I am a good problem solver, and my willingness to help, based on my knowledge and experience, allows my colleagues to continually work as efficiently as possible.

Michal Kurek

Tina Lundgren

Chief Consultant

In my role as Chief Consultant, I collaborate closely with our clients to achieve their goals and expectations within their organization. Every day presents new challenges and issues, and I see each new task as an opportunity to grow and learn something new. It's a driving force that provides me with energy and motivation for my professional role.

No days er alike, and the new needs are constantly emerging.

After almost 9 years at EG, I can still happily say that I thrive genuinely well here, and my colleagues are absolutely wonderful! There is a really positive atmosphere that permeates our work, and it is evident in the various exciting projects we are constantly involved in. Many of these projects give us the chance to collaborate with colleagues from different parts of the world – not only within Sweden but also internationally.

Sharing different experiences is not only inspiring but also very rewarding. Together, we possess an impressive range of knowledge and skills that we actively share with each other. This means that we not only learn from each other but also effectively solve many challenges, sometimes even the most critical and urgent ones, by choosing the right resource at the right time. It is truly a collaboration where we support each other and create success together.

In my work at EG, I have always been ready to take on new challenges. This has allowed me to gather a wealth of new experiences and skills. It has truly opened up interests and areas that I was not familiar with or thought I would find interesting. Being open to the unexpected has truly enriched my workday and given me insights I could not have imagined. It is an exciting journey of constant development and discovery that I look forward to every day.

Tina Lundgren

Urszula Koscijanczuk

Team Manager

I am a Team Manager in EG Digital Welfare and my responsibilities include keeping my employees happy and content. Apart from that, I recruit people to our ever-growing department and come up with innovative ways of improving internal procedures. My goal for this year is to create a functioning test strategy for my Business Unit, a part of this is to organize ISTQB certification courses for our testers.

I think we form a team that makes it fun to work together. The people I work with on daily basis have created a wonderful atmosphere in our department which also benefits in other areas of the company. If we have a free moment, there is nothing more pleasant than taking a cup of coffee out on terrace in the heart of Warsaw.

I can guarantee from my own experiences that you can count on a great career path in EG. I was hired as a Tester, and shortly thereafter I was given the opportunity to build the team in Poland from scratch. Having recruited most of my team members, seeing them work together, learning and inspiring each other, gives me a huge satisfaction. I would say that it's my greatest work-related experience. I really enjoy my job and feel like I have found my place professionally.

I think it's also worth to mention how EG stands out as a place to work. Scandinavian work culture differs from my previous experience. It is less formal (no dress code, no titles 'Sir' or 'Madam'), equal opportunities and flexible working hours. There is a real focus on employee wellbeing with a lot of social events to bring people together. Management tries to give staff members a real voice and encourage input at every level. I value the atmosphere and the fact that the company really takes good care of their employees. Moreover we have a great management at both business unit and company level. I can always count on the people above me, not only my direct manager who I work with on daily basis, but also senior management. EG also surprised me on how fast effort is rewarded.

Urszula Koscijanczuk

Issa Chahin


As a manager in EG Digital Welfare, I am responsible for our team of developers at junior-, mid-level and senior level. We develop some of Denmark's best software solutions for specialized areas within healthcare, supporting and treating citizens with disabilities, mental illness, and addiction.

My journey at EG began in 2016 as a Junior Developer. I was assigned a buddy, providing a valuable opportunity to understand EG as an organization and integrate into my team. Having a buddy was a great support when transitioning directly from education, as I did not have any practical experience. Since then, I have been on an incredible development journey with increasing responsibilities. Employee development is a top priority at EG, which I have become highly aware of through attending internal courses, receiving feedback from my manager, and having access to internal training materials.

When I joined EG, I did not imagine achieving the managerial responsibility I hold today. Back then, my mission was solely to become a skilled developer. However, as I evolved, new opportunities unfolded, leading me to pursue new goals. While I still enjoy working with programming, my most important task today is to be closely involved with my employees as their manager.

The days at EG are never alike, and I enjoy working in an organization that is constantly evolving at a high speed. The changing focus of tasks makes it exciting and challenging to come to work every day. I’m passionate about going to work, especially when my team reaches a sprint and celebrates their good teamwork together.

Working at EG is of great value to me because I can clearly see that we make a difference. The solutions we provide not only help our customers but also citizens in their everyday lives. It is very motivating for me that my work is of crucial importance to many people in our healthcare system. What makes EG a special workplace is the extraordinary social aspect between colleagues. We are not just colleagues but more than that, and this connection is fostered through various social activities. I’m very fond of being part of the journey that EG is on because I believe that we, as a workplace, have a huge potential to reach even greater heights.

Issa Chahin

Adam Koper

Lead Software Developer

I joined EG as a Senior .NET Developer in September 2019. I started as one of two Senior Developers in a newly created team. Now two years later my team is working on one of the biggest and most important products for EG Digital Welfare department. We successfully introduced many new features to the product and made it much more reliable. I think that my soft skills and feeling of responsibility improved greatly during that period. I'm happy that the management noticed and nominated me to be .NET Lead Developer and responsible for sharing knowledge within the whole .NET division. Everyday I'm trying to introduce and promote best practices and modern architecture approaches to our products.

What motivates me in my daily work in EG is that our products are used by Danish citizens for years. It's extremely motivating that what you code is going to be used by millions of users. What I value most at EG is that our products serve people and make their life easier, it genuinely drives me. Our products are in the process of modernization architecture and frameworks. It's challenging to modernize the application and keep it running on production. For me it's great fun to face such a challenging task.

What I value in my work at EG is that our Danish colleagues and management are open minded and happy about our recommendations. We introduced new event driven architecture in product heavily used all around Denmark. New architecture proven to be much more reliable and easier to extend with for example out of box monitoring solution. It proves that our team can introduce quite big changes for major products and that management trust our skills and commitment.

Working at EG is such a nice experience, our office location in Warsaw is in the city center. It makes commuting to the office very easy and equal for all employees. EG has implemented a flexible work from home model about remote work, to ensure healthy work-life balance. In dialogue with your manger you discuss the best setup for you and your team.

When I've joint EG I was pleasantly surprised how great the atmosphere is among the employees. It's obvious that people like to work here, and EG cares about us not only as employees but also as people. We have many recurring company events like Friday Bars, EG Brunch and Family day, where we meet and talk to colleagues from different departments.

Adam Koper


This is how we work and what defines us.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Customer focus

We have deep knowledge of our customers' business and industries

We enable our customers to become industry leaders by providing best in class vertical software and support. Our software is infused with the highly specialized knowledge of all of our employees. We always strive to get better: We are a team of innovators, problem solvers and doers. Without our customers and bright employees, there is no EG.

Deliver what we promise

Deliver what we promise

Deliver what we promise

We take responsibility and deliver mission critical solutions

It is an integral part of our culture that we take responsibility for our contribution to customers, to each other and to the society we live in. We deliver quality and reliability and we aim to always be a trusted partner. We know that the solutions we deliver are mission critical for our customers and that we take very seriously.

Respect for each other

Respect for each other

Respect for each other

We honor diverse ways of thinking

In EG we embrace workforce diversity and value a diversity of perspectives – leveraging the diverse personalities, thinking, skills, experience and working styles of our employees, customers and other stakeholders. Scandinavian leadership culture in everything we do: No politics. Only real responsibility and collaboration.

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