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Achieve your sustainability goals effectively

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Just started with energy management

  • Stay automatically up-to-date on your consumption and its climate impact
  • Respond quickly to changes in consumption
  • Comprehensive, automated analyses help to analyze the energy consumption of both individual facilities and an entire property portfolio, and prioritize the greatest potential for savings
  • Versatile consumption reporting including outdoor temperatures and the distribution of consumption during daytime and nighttime.

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Active user of energy management

Everything included in Aware, plus:

  • The best tools in the market for energy management to plan and schedule actions, maintain information on potential savings, and lead the prioritization and decision-making process of actions.
  • Improve transparency on the impact of implemented actions and the journey towards set goals.
  • A systematic approach in accordance with ISO 50001 for continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

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Professional user of energy management

Everything included in Efficient, plus:

  • For those with a clear vision and goals for sustainability and who want to use the latest technology to get there.
  • EG Ines AI analytics automatically identifies facilities with unusually high energy consumption and suggests ways to optimize energy consumption.
  • Free up your energy experts' time for productive action with EG Ines AI analytics!
  • AI helps to find hiding problems.

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Enhance your selected service package with the following additional features

You can supplement the AWARE, EFFICIENT, and FORERUNNER packages as desired, thus customizing the service package that best suits your organization:

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

For sustainability reporting, you need to control and monitor your consumption. EG EnerKey gathers the data you need from the best source, whether it's a meter, IoT, or billing. We are with you every step of the way, from the moment you start monitoring your consumption to achieving fossil-free status.

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Safeguards your indoor air quality

Safeguards your indoor air quality

Clean indoor air conditions can be achieved with efficient energy use. EG EnerKey enables you to monitor the effects of energy efficiency measures on both consumption and indoor air quality. Monitoring indoor air quality ensures that energy efficiency doesn’t happen on the expense of the indoor conditions. IISY and Talotohtori are EG EnerKey’s partners in indoor air quality reporting.

EG EnerKey API

EG EnerKey API

Customers own their data in EG EnerKey. Our modern application programming interface (Restful Data API) generates hourly or monthly data from EG EnerKey’s energy meters. This enables our customers to combine their consumption data with other data sources. Both the API and EG EnerKey’s consumption data are available to third parties that have been authorised by our customers. To utilise the feature, you can update your Service Agreement.

Reporting on transport fuels

Reporting on transport fuels

Tracking the vehicles’ fuel use and the resulting emissions is part of the organisation’s responsibility. Reporting can be done in many ways: at a company level, facility level, or even by vehicle-specific meters. All forms of energy used in transportation are supported by EG EnerKey. You can also track mileage along with fuel consumption.

Manage your waste

Manage your waste

EG EnerKey supports general waste fractions such as metal, glass, biowaste, plastic, mixed waste and paper waste. Total energy types are also available for total waste and recycled waste. EG EnerKey has comprehensive mass tools that allow you to import waste data on a monthly basis the way you want. We also build seamless integrations with the systems of waste management companies according to the needs of our customers.

Customer & Partner references

See references from our customers and partners in different sectors: 


  • CSRD requires real estate owners to conduct sustainability reporting at the group level

    The new CSRD directive requires group-level sustainability reporting. EG EnerKey offers an efficient solution.

  • Bravida chooses EG EnerKey for all Nordic EMS-activities

    Bravida Holding with 14.000 employees covering 300 branches has chosen the EMS system EG EnerKey for their 80.000 customers in the Nordics.

  • A Sustainable Alliance for Carbon-Neutral Real Estate

    Kojamo has taken yet another significant step towards a sustainable future by entering into a strategic cooperation agreement with EG, a leader in energy management.

  • Ventilation consumes approximately one-third of the total energy in buildings

    Ventilation can account for a third of a building's energy consumption. Staggered ventilation improves indoor air quality and yields significant savings.

  • Sustainability reporting a prerequisite for company existence

    The EU and its stakeholders expect companies to provide more transparent and truthful sustainability reporting.

  • No more careless energy consumption

    For years, careless energy consumption has been one of the biggest causes for emission and there is an urgent need to reduce the environmental impact now.

  • “It’s a cliche, but it’s true: you learn something new every day”

    “It’s a cliche, but it’s true: you learn something new every day” In this series, you can meet some of the women who work for EG. Here is Eija Kestilä from EG EnerKey Oy in Finland.

  • It's simply a must to comply with international standards

    When you share data about your CO2-emissions, your key figures must be comparable and you should use recognized standards as defined by GHG, GRI and SBTi.

  • DAREKON: Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

    Darekon use EG EnerKey for energy and sustainability management and is committed to be a sustainable company.

  • Market leaders combine their services - EG EnerKey and Danfoss Leanheat®

    EG EnerKey, one of the leading sustainability and energy management SaaS providers in the Nordic countries, and Danfoss Leanheat®, a pioneer in district heating network end-to-end optimization, are launching a partnership to provide property owners and district heating companies market-leading solutions for both heat optimization and efficiency.

  • A new report from Synergi on energy savings in the public sector encourages public sector companies to disseminate and make better use of energy data. “It's a good suggestion, because earlier this year, a report from TEKNIQ showed that approximately 40% of Denmark’s total energy consumption is used in buildings – the majority is spent on heating, lighting and ventilation,” says Rasmus Dalby Martinussen, Managing Director of EG Utility.

  • EG EnerKey and AFS Energy into cooperation to offer enterprises and public sector organizations means for achieving carbon neutrality

    EG EnerKey, one of the Nordic regions leading sustainability and energy management SaaS providers, and AFS Energy, a leading commodity house concentrated on the renewable energy market, start a cooperation to help their corporate and public sector customers in achieving carbon neutrality by offering voluntary verified emission reduction certificates.

  • Electricity demand response solution available for EG EnerKey’s customers – cooperation with Fusebox announced

    Estonian startup Fusebox and EG EnerKey have entered a partnership to offer EG EnerKey's customers a solution for electricity demand response.

  • EnerKey is now EG EnerKey

    As a part of EG A/S, we are proud to announce that EnerKey is now EG EnerKey. We still stand behind our values and our mission to help our customers and partners to help turn their resource data into sustainable impact.

  • LEVA i Lysekil and Lysekil municipality collaborate in af joint sustainability project

    Energy company LEVA i Lysekil and EnerKey, a leading provider of sustainability and energy management systems in the Nordic region’s, have signed a pilot agreement for digital energy management services.

  • The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5% energy consumption by 2025

    The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5 percent energy consumption by 2025. Hyvinkää is part of the Hinku municipalities that all aim to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2030.

  • Cloud service needs API to exist

    The term “API” is causing a lot of discussion and comes to the surface especially when it comes to cloud-based platform solutions. So, what makes “API” so topical?

  • Our future lies in carbon neutrality

    It is naive to think we are living in a bubble imaging that the environmental emergency does not require acute action from companies.

  • Business Product Manager Blog Series: Push data into EnerKey SaaS with the new EnerKey API

    Data is the cornerstone that all EnerKey service solutions are built on. EnerKey already has integrations with more than 80 systems but we still come across systems for which there is no existing interface.

  • EnerKey gets a new owner to accelerate international growth

    Finnish EnerKey has succeeded in building a market-leading SaaS solution, helping property owners significantly to reduce their emissions and environmental impact.

  • EnerKey and Lyse into a partnership agreement – digital sustainability and energy management services for Lyse’s enterprise and public sector customers

    Lyse, a Norwegian industrial and utility company, and EnerKey, the Nordic region’s leading provider of intelligent sustainability and energy management SaaS, have entered into a partnership agreement.

  • Energy efficiency contributes to circular economy

    Circular economy often comes up in discussions about waste management, transportation, or economy in general. But what does circular economy entail?

  • Sustainable future with sustainable investing

    In December of 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published an extensive report on energy efficiency (

  • Oulun Energia to provide market-leading sustainability and energy management solutions for its enterprise and public sector customers

    To support sustainable development and to achieve carbon neutrality goals, Oulun Energia has started a partnership with EnerKey, the leading Nordic provider of sustainability and energy management SaaS solution.

  • Visma Tampuuri, Kamstrup and EnerKey into a cooperation – simplifying water invoicing for residential properties

    Visma Tampuuri, Kamstrup and EnerKey work together to provide residential property sector with an effortless service package that enables consumption-based water invoicing by combining the market leading solutions.

  • Five Steps to Sustainability

    There are plenty of information and data on sustainability, but it can be scattered in various sources and choosing the right one can prove challenging.

  • Does Innovation Excite Energy Industry?

    Sustainability has been the biggest driving force for the energy industry. Products and services are flooding into the markets and new pilot projects are being launched left and right.

  • Ines Heating – what does heating energy reveal?

    Properties’ ventilation time program analysis carried out by our intelligent, virtual energy and sustainability manager Ines, was the first case we made the data do the work for us.

  • Low-carbon blog series: From consuming to producing renewable electricity

    Can solar PV serve as a solution to both the company’s profitability and climate change at the same time?

  • Low-carbon blog series: Sustainability management as a key factor in successful business

    Interest in sustainability and sustainability management has surfaced recently. But what is sustainability and what is sustainability management?

  • Low-carbon blog series: Profitable Growth with Sustainability

    Change and sustainability. As a term they both have ominous connotations.

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