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ALPI Danmark

ALPI has taken a large step towards a purely electronic desk, which will enable the company to fulfil its vision of working faster and more efficiently.

ALPI Danmark

ALPI Danmark

We are now very well equipped to face the competition. Carsten Sjørvad, CFO, ALPI

The introduction of electronic document handling has resulted in ALPI being able to remove a large number of bookcases. Among other things, this means extra space for future employees. In addition, the scanning of vouchers has made the work much more flexible. It has meant that ALPI employees have been given the opportunity to work much more efficiently and made it possible for them to connect to the system from home with the same speed as in the company offices.

Electronic dossier
The electronic approach to documents has given ALPI a number of advantages. The company can provide better service since e-mail bookings and other relevant internal and external documents go directly into the electronic dossier. This means that ALPI spends less time on archiving and paper handling.

Online self-service for customers
The implementation of web booking and e-service has turned out to be a major success. It is easy for the ALPI customers to find their previous bookings and e.g. just change volume data.

Efficiency with multi-step planning
In addition, the project with multi-step planning has provided opportunities for improving efficiency in a number of ways. This has given ALPI a better overview of the shipments handled by ALPI, and this way, transfers between departments can also be optimised. It is also possible to search for postal codes and see other people's bookings and trips, which e.g. makes it possible to avoid that different departments send cars to the same collection point.

Overall, ALPI has achieved considerable time savings on internal settlements. This is now automatically entered as income in the accounts in the national department and as expenses in the other departments. This means that ALPI saves time in both the shipping and accounting departments, which now practically no longer have to handle any internal vouchers.

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