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Cero & Etage

Cero & Etage participated in the user-led development of EG's new iPad app, and the company is enthusiastic about the solution's potential to streamline its sales.

Cero & Etage

The iPad app makes sales "lean and clean" and saves time

At Cero & Etage, we want our processes to be as simple and efficient as possible, and the iPad app clearly supports this aim. Claus H. Mikkelsen, sales and export manager, Cero & Etage

"We save a lot of time at the customer's premises and at our own offices, and I expect that we will be able to free up at least one employee in the sales period. In addition to faster and better order handling, the iPad solution gives us a strategic advantage by providing a far better overview of our sales."

Tailored to the fashion and textile industries
When EG began developing "the sales representative's new mobile tool", a user-driven process was a key priority. Thus, a number of fashion and textile companies, including Cero & Etage, have provided input to the app, ensuring that it is top-tuned to fulfil its users' specific needs.

"Unfortunately, our experience with laptops shows that if things get even a little bit complicated, sales representatives give up on them," says Claus H. Mikkelsen. "The dialogue between us and EG was therefore very important to the end result. They listened to us and avoided making the common IT developer's mistake of focusing on fancy gadgets and a wealth of functions that no one uses. The app has been stripped of excess features and does exactly what is needed. And it does it extremely well."

Easy to get started: The great majority of sales organisations experience a significant IT barrier among their sales representatives. The presentation and order management systems that are easily controlled in the showroom are much harder to control at the customer's premises. The operating system may crash, the software may need updating, the internet connection may be lost, etc. The iPad has the advantage that it combines the automatic internet access of a mobile phone with the functionality of a pc – and with much shorter hardware and software start-up times.

We have succeeded in creating a more efficient mobile sales tool that will improve our sales as well as our customer service. Claus H. Mikkelsen, sales and export manager, Cero & Etage

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