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N&K Spedition

EG's best practice models and ASPECT4 Transport create a foundation for greater efficiency. Martin Gregersen, CEO, N&K Spedition

Over the years, N&K Spedition A/S has experienced strong growth and expansion. Its growth has been obtained through a significant increase in the use of IT in all business areas. However, the company realised that several processes still involved far too many manual elements, putting a curb on efficiency improvements as well as on the use of ASPECT4 Transport. Thus, the goal was to establish a business-oriented process approach rather than focusing solely on IT.

"Our need for streamlining a number of our focus areas, operational as well as administrative, was substantial," says managing director Martin Gade Gregersen. The company selected four core processes and the financial support process from the total value chain. The processes were selected in close cooperation between 8-9 superusers, the management group and EG's process consultant.

"Our process work approach was that streamlining processes would entail better utilisation of our resources and specification of better procedures. At the same time, we needed to give many of our employees a better understanding of IT. We therefore prioritised an "upgrade" of our operational staff and hoped that this upgrade would spread to the rest of the organisation."

A broad understanding of our business has developed across the company, and the result is a strong basis for our future process work. Martin Gregersen, CEO, N&K Spedition

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