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The Aalborg Utility Companies

Xellent is widely used in the energy sector and developed on top of an Axapta standard solution from Microsoft.

Forsyningsvirksomhederne i Aalborg

The Aalborg Utility Companies

We have increased our efficiency, and in the long term, the solution gives us a number of new opportunities. Lars Jensen, project manager, the Aalborg utility companies

The deregulation of the entire Danish energy sector requires a restructuring of all energy supplies and distributors in Denmark. The Aalborg utility companies, who deliver electricity, heating etc. to 90,000 customers, chose the Xellent industry solution from EG Utility as a lever for their transition process. The result is efficient communication, freed-up resources and elimination of paperwork.

Synergy with Xellent – widespread in the energy sector
"We wanted a solution based on standard software in order to easily integrate our other Microsoft products. Also, multiple companies in the energy sector use Xellent which means that we all share a common interest in learning from each other's experiences and suggesting improvements," says Lars Jensen.

Transparency for customers; resources freed up in the administration
"The solution provides customers with very transparent bills. We make use of bar charts and combine totals on a well-arranged front page – details are provided in separate documents. This will definitely lead to fewer telephone and personal enquiries since our customers now understand the content right away. This means that we free up resources in the administration for other tasks", says Lars Jensen.

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