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In cooperation with EG, XL-BYG has created a common solution for all shops in the shopping chain that provides an overview and automates many of the processes that were previously handled manually.


A common IT system saves time and provides an overview

Previously, we had to manually enter an order from the webshop into the system. Today, this is fully automated. This is a major advantage and saves us a lot of time. Anders Iver Christensen, store manager at XL-BYG Tømmergaarden Aarhus, Denmark

XL-BYG is a shopping chain that consists of a large number of independent companies. This means that originally, every DIY centre had its own independent IT solution that was not necessarily designed to communicate with the other DIY centres or the main office.

The coordination of e.g. promotions or orders from the webshop thus often required a lot of work for the individual company, because the company had to transfer information manually from the common system to its own IT system.

A common, industry-specific solution
Together, XL-BYG and EG have created a common system for all companies in the chain that can be developed and updated across the many independent shops. The common standard solution means that information is automatically transferred between the shops and the main office.

"Since it is an industry-specific solution, it is not necessary to create a lot of customisations from the start. The EG representatives know what is important for a 'lumber salesman' like me, and this means that they can easily understand the world that we live in," says Steen Villsen, IT manager at XL-BYG.

From manual entry to automatic transfer
"ASPECT4 gives us a number of benefits. Among other things, our weekly promotions are made in one place, and the shops just have to push a button to automatically print promotion prices with promotion dates – it is a major advantage that we do not have to set up everything ourselves," says Anders Iver Christensen, store manager at XL-BYG Tømmergaarden Aarhus, and continues:

"If we want to see how well an item has sold over time, we just click a button, and then we can estimate whether we need 2 items in stock or maybe 5 because there has been an increase in sales for this specific item. These are some of the things that are important in our daily work."