EG acquires Aver & Lauritzen
17. August 2021

EG acquires Aver & Lauritzen

EG has acquired the Danish software company Aver & Lauritzen ApS and adds another practitioner system to the portfolio. EG is expanding its position as a specialised software supplier for the primary healthcare sector, especially for practitioners and specialists.

"With Aver & Lauritzen on board, we will have even more capabilities to strengthen the primary sector in Denmark and ultimately ensure smooth patient experiences," says Mikkel Bardram, CEO of EG A/S and adds:

"Across industries we see that customers and authorities place greater demands on software suppliers. Our focus is to bring together the strongest suppliers within industries in order to be able to offer customers the best products and the deepest professionalism. Like our seven other acquisitions this year, the acquisition of Aver & Lauritzen is part of this strategy and we look forward to welcoming new customers and employees.

In the last year, EG has invested significantly in the EG Healthcare business, including the acquisition of A-Data in 2020.

EG Healthcare is the leading supplier of industry-specific software for doctors in the Danish primary healthcare sector with the practitioner systems EG Clinea and EG WinPLC for 1,100 general practitioner and specialist clinics. Another software product is now added to the portfolio: The medical record system GANGLION from Aver & Lauritzen.

Michael Frank Christensen, VP, EG Healthcare says:

"We are looking at even more requirements for innovative healthcare IT from the authorities in the coming years, including new certification requirements, new code standards for both general practitioners and specialists, as well as the new international standard, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources."

Development of functionality across the board

"We are building on the positive experiences following the acquisition of A-Data, where we have succeeded in being at the forefront of certification requirements and have been able to apply and further develop valuable modules across our software products," says Michael Frank Christensen.

"As a software supplier, we must constantly evolve to deliver software products that match the healthcare sector’s increasing requirements and support the work in general and specialist clinics. Both EG Healthcare and Aver & Lauritzen prioritise this development highly and we are delighted that Aver & Lauritzen have chosen EG as their new owner," says Michael Frank Christensen.

"We look forward to welcoming 150 new doctors to EG Healthcare, where we already service 1,100 customers within the medical field."

The duo behind Aver & Lauritzen and the medical system GANGLION, Poul Aver and Jens Christian Lauritzen say:

"Over a number of years EG has shown that the company invests heavily in the development of the primary healthcare sector’s journal and communication platforms. Together with EG, we look forward to ensuring that the GANGLION clinics will have a leading journal solution also in the future." 

EG acquired Aver & Lauritzen ApS on July 1, 2021. The parties to the sale have agreed not to disclose further details concerning the sale price and other terms of the transaction.

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About Aver & Lauritzen ApS

The primary product of Aver & Lauritzen’s medical and engineering firm is the GANGLION medical record system. The history of the IT company dates back almost thirty years, when the owners Poul Aver and Jens Christian Lauritzen established the basis for the journal system. The company has seven employees and offices in Roskilde and Vadum, Denmark.

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