The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7,5% energy consumption by 2025
19. August 2021

The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5% energy consumption by 2025

The city of Hyvinkää aims to save 7.5 percent energy consumption by 2025. Hyvinkää is part of the Hinku municipalities that all aim to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2030. To achieve these goals determined work is needed. Therefore, the Hyvinkää’s energy saving working committee is monitoring energy consumption utilising EnerKey SaaS.

“Through EnerKey, we get to monitor our energy consumption and we also get very good reports, which are sent all the way to the city council. We have more than a hundred properties and energy consumption reporting is important in the sense that we otherwise would not notice if there were any anomalies in the consumption. Through these reports, deviations are easy to find and thereby save a great deal of energy”, Marko Hytönen, Head of Department at city of Hyvinkää.

“EnerKey SaaS service is real-time monitoring of energy consumption. With it, we receive real-time data in a daily basis which allows us to control our operations. For example, if we see that the settings of an air handling unit somewhere are off for some reason, then it will show up as increased energy consumption. It can be tackled immediately, and no extra expenses can be incurred. To Hyvinkää’s energy saving working committee this way of working has proven to be very effective. It involves having the knowledge we need to take things forward. That is where EnerKey´s reporting has turned out to be very important,” Hytönen concludes.