07. June 2021

Business Product Manager Blog Series: Push data into EnerKey SaaS with the new EnerKey API


Written by Juho Linsuri, Business Product Manager

Data is the cornerstone that all EnerKey service solutions are built on. EnerKey already has integrations with more than 80 systems but we still come across systems for which there is no existing interface. For this reason, we have further developed the EnerKey API. Now you can push and store data from any system in a standard format to EnerKey SaaS.

Data exists in many forms and sources, and therefore it’s challenging to make integrations that are compatible with all of them. With our standardized interface, our customers can combine various types of information, which increases the transparency of energy efficiency and sustainability impacts.

Use cases for the EnerKey API include for example photovoltaic and electric vehicle charging systems where the information for the energy consumption already exists but there are no ready-made interfaces available. Data as such can now be easily transferred into the EnerKey SaaS along with other consumption data for analysis, and to be included in the energy management processes. Additionally, if your own organization does not have resources for the necessary data conversion, EnerKey´s integration partner can convert the data into a standard format for the import.

The most essential form of data in using EnerKey SaaS, is property consumption data. Nowadays technologies in various forms can send data to the cloud. Even my toothbrush can store my brushing data into the cloud by using my cell phone. In practice, it would be possible to convert my tooth brushing time to a standard format, including a timestamp and value, and send them to EnerKey SaaS. In that case, it would be possible to view the teeth brushing data in parallel with the energy consumption data of my house. Admittedly, EnerKey does not yet have its own resource type for brushing your teeth, but if you are excited about the idea, you can save it under the “free” type of energy. However, I have not yet taken this opportunity myself.


If you are interested in the possibilities of the renewed EnerKey API, please feel free to contact your EnerKey account manager, use the contact form on our website or by contacting me via e-mail to