Bjarke Skaaning
31. March 2022

New employee on the ASPECT4 Transport team

Please welcome our new consultant to the team. We are busy in ASPECT4 Transport and have been looking forward to expanding the team with an experienced colleague.
A warm welcome to:

Bjarke Skaanning, Consultant

I am a trained forwarder and before my time at EG, I worked as a dispatcher, mainly with Eastern Europe both at FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S and most recently at Nagel Danmark A/S, where I worked with ASPECT4 for six years.

I am originally from Arnborg near Herning and am 28 years old. I live together with my 26-year-old partner Sara in Flensburg, where we have lived for the last four years. In my spare time I like to go for long walks and enjoy nature. In addition, my main interests are cars and personal development. I look forward to joining the EG family.

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