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18. November 2022

DAREKON: Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

Sustainability is a complex quantity. It requires both ecological, social, economic and human considerations, so that we can hopefully save the earth for future generations.

Darekon, which manufactures medical equipment and industrial electronics, has factories in Finland, Poland and Sweden, and is committed to be a sustainable company:

"Energy consumption is a big challenge, but we have succeeded in reducing consumption in our production, although we still have a bit of work ahead of us. A lot of materials are recycled in the production – almost all of them – and we take the recyclability of materials into account in our procurement policy as far as possible. Waste materials are resold, and waste is minimized in all phases of production. This is also financially sustainable," says Quality Manager, Jari Aspegren, Darekon.

"Many of our customers have strong principles for sustainability and we are naturally committed to them. We also strive to inform customers about different options, raw materials and working methods. We collaborate with our customers to develop products and the production methods to be both sustainable and economically viable".

The well-being of employees is also sustainability

For Darekon, the well-being of the employees is also a very important part of a sustainability policy:

"The well-being of our employees is the last and perhaps most important part of sustainability and is emphasized in our business operations. Social sustainability means equality, justice and community.
Sustainability for employees means that, as a minimum, we must have safe workplaces and a working environment that does not expose anyone to health hazards.

We are committed to these goals. Everything is documented in our management system, implemented in all our departments and our operations work as evidence of our personnel complying with them”, says Quality Manager, Jari Aspegren, Darekon.

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