EG accelerates internal efforts to achieve its own climate goals
11. October 2022

Energy crisis accelerates efforts to reach climate goals

The current energy crisis has prompted EG to accelerate internal efforts to achieve its own climate goals and to disseminate the standard solutions that can help customers’ and society’s need for action now, e.g. freezing schemes in energy billing systems and digital energy management.

"At EG, we want to be CO2 positive by 2030, and we work steadily towards this goal.  The current energy crisis, however, has naturally emphasized the need to reduce our own energy consumption and to help our customers immediately, so we are pursuing both tasks very focused right now," says CEO Mikkel Bardram, EG.

Internally, EG aims to reduce energy consumption in its own buildings by 15–20% over the next 12 months using our own technology and by utilizing a flexible working model.

"We prepare for the winter season by reducing energy consumption in a way that our employees still have good working conditions. We want to avoid turning down to 19 degrees at our locations.

Instead, we gather employees where it makes sense and targets energy consumption using technology. This means, among other things, that we will speed up the implementation of our own energy management system, EG EnerKey, at central locations, so that we can use both sensor technology and artificial intelligence to assess where and when we need to turn energy consumption up and down," says Mikkel Bardram.

Generally, digitization is a central part of the solution to the energy crisis for EG.

"As a starting point, we must minimize the number of square meters we need to heat and ensure that we only heat rooms that are in use. We do this by adapting the capacity to the actual need and by employees being able to flexibly report what they need and book the tables and rooms they use. The actual energy consumption, heating, lighting, water and ventilation are then controlled online and in real time in the rooms in use. We do this, using sensors supported by artificial intelligence," says Mikkel Bardram.

EG also speeds up the work of transforming current energy sources into greener solutions and installs solar cells and heat pumps in office buildings where this makes sense.

"For several years, we have purchased wind power for most of our locations in Denmark, and we will have widespread use of renewable energy for even more of our buildings throughout the Nordic region. Therefore, we also look at how we can contribute to producing the energy we need to use to a greater extent.

The same tools used internally by EG can also help other companies here and now.

"The solutions we implement are off-the-shelf products, i.e. standard software that everyone can quickly start using to achieve an effect on energy bills in the short term. Therefore, we are also in close dialogue with many customers about the current challenges. We help utility companies to adjust their settlement systems to the freezing scheme in the billing systems EG Xellent and EG SonWin. We help municipalities, production companies, retail chains and property managers to optimize their energy consumption. We already have more than 20,000 buildings in our energy management system EG EnerKey, where customers are now even more interested in how they can limit their energy consumption.

Flexible use of office space is also a theme where we help customers reserve office space using our solution EG Worksense in order to ensure good office conditions for employees but with less space," says Mikkel Bardram, EG.

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