EG SmartKalk LCA
11. December 2023

EG SmartKalk LCA nominated for the 2023 Innovation Award in Norway

The calculation program EG SmartKalk LCA, designed to simplify carbon emission calculations in building projects, is in the running to win the Norwegian construction industry's 2023 Innovation Award.

Business Norway has nominated EG SmartKalk LCA for this year's innovation award. EG SmartKalk is a popular calculation tool in the construction industry in both Norway and Denmark.

EG SmartKalk LCA simplifies carbon emission calculations in the construction industry

EG SmartKalk LCA software calculates carbon emissions from building projects quickly and easily.

"One click on the 'environmental data' button gives companies the LCA they need to meet government reporting requirements," states Audun Kalleberg, Product Manager at the Norwegian company Holte, which is part of EG Construction.

The construction industry accounts for 12 percent of total emissions in the EU

The 'net-zero year' 2050 for reducing CO2 emissions is approaching for the construction industry. However, the task is not easy. Today, the construction industry accounts for 12 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. To encourage faster decarbonisation, authorities are setting more and stricter regulations on emissions and reporting.

"Companies, especially SMEs, lack the knowledge and resources to calculate their own emissions and produce complex reports. What they need is intuitive industry-specific software to do the work for them," explains Audun Kalleberg.

Economics and environment go hand in hand

EG SmartKalk LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a software that enables construction companies and contractors to calculate their carbon footprint quickly and easily.

"The module calculates carbon footprint in the form of cost estimates. It gives construction companies complete control over CO2 calculations at all levels so they can make decisions based not only on price but also on sustainability," says Kalleberg.

EG SmartKalk LCA saves time and is easy to use.

"Companies can save up to 90 percent in costs compared to hiring a consultant," adds Kalleberg.
EG SmartKalk LCA is used by construction professionals in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

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