New Resource Management
02. June 2023

ASPECT4 Transport: New Resource Management

Resource management, tracking with GPS data, and trailer data in your new dispatch cockpit is the next big project. Several things are underway to make your daily work easier.

The first two parts of FuturePlanning are in progress of being implemented by all users. In the latest releases, we have had updates and improvements to the dispatch cockpit. Therefore, it can now be customized for individual users, who can get even more value out of the cockpit.

Please remember to check out the highlights from the latest releases and see all the new options in the cockpit and, please feel free to contact your consultant, so you can work together to create the best setup for your business.

Resource management and GPS data are next

Next, we will start our big project called resource management. The first step will be to add more power to the existing cockpit.

We are already analyzing how we can receive GPS data from different devices so that trailers and cargo can be live-tracked in your new dispatch cockpit. This means that the dispatcher can always see where the trailer is located, making it easy to inform the customer about how far their cargo has reached.

The next step will be to rethink the current resource management and make it an even better tool in the dispatcher's daily work. At the same time, resource management will become more functional, covering an even wider range of functions in the company. This will be followed by more live data and the possibility of monitoring. Read more about ASPECT4 Transport here, if you want to know more about how to digitise your transport.

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