EG Fabri
08. June 2023

EG Building Supply: EG Fabri is the new joint solution

EG Fabri is the new name for EG's future-proof solution for customers in the timber and DIY industry in the Nordic region. Our goal is to create a state-of-the-art plat-form to support our customers' business better in a booming industry.

In 2022, we consolidated our three solutions, Nexstep, TRYGG/2000, and ASPECT4 Timber, into a single building supply organisation. Now, we're taking it a step further and introducing a new product name: EG Fabri. We want to communicate more strongly about EG Building Supply's future platform, which consolidates our Nordic software into a single state-of-the-art solution - for the benefit of our customers.

Our solution, EG Fabri, is the new Nordic brand in the timber and DIY market, offering a comprehensive digital solution for the entire value chain.


EG Fabri will grow organically over time. We're consolidating three solutions into one unified platform with a single brand - without any customer conversion or adjustment needed Britta Bech, Senior Vice President, EG Building Supply


The customers keeps their system

"As a customer, you'll still be able to work in your current solution, which will be continuously enchanced.

Some enchancements will be made in EG Fabri, and others in the existing solutions, gradually transitioning organically into the new solution," says Britta Bech, SVP, EG Building Supply, who adds:

"During 2023, we will be making enchancements, in consultation with our customers. In other words, this is a further development of the existing solutions in which we have a new POS system; Nexstep 2Dpoint becomes EG Fabri POS, and TRYGG/2000 Selfscan becomes EG Fabri Selfscan.

Moving forward, we will be developing the industry modules on a future-proof and stronger platform that provides even better opportunities to support customers' business growth."

A Nordic solution with greater resources

"The timber and DIY industry is evolving rapidly. There are greater demands for software that can handle customers' business in the current boom we are seeing. This is something we can match with EG Building Supply's upcoming industry solution, both locally and globally," says Britta Bech.

Customers will benefit across countries by making the most of the synergy within the EG Fabri solution, which is supported by over 100 developers and industry consultants, providing access to even more resources:

  • A future-proof digital solution supporting customers' business and growth journey
  • 3 solutions consolidated on one platform, both Nordic and global
  • Built on the latest technology
  • Expands the best features of the three existing solutions

The unifying name Fabri, to stand for 'builders' in all our languages, reflects our mission for a common Nordic building supply solution.

EG Fabri. The new Nordic brand for:

  • An integrated industry solution for the timber and DIY segment
  • Modular and designed with a state-of-the-art integration interface

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