Michal Glowinski
16. June 2023

Strengthening Corporate IT in EG: Michal Glowinski is the new CIO

Michal Glowinski is the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) in EG and will lead a transformation of the internal IT architecture.

One of the key focus areas going forward is to strengthen EG's internal IT and to fully take over from external consultants and take complete control and leadership of the development and support of EG's enterprise IT architecture.

Michal Glowinski is the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) in EG and will lead this transformation of the internal IT architecture, including a number of specialized agile platforms.

Extensive experience in managing technology infrastructures

Michal Glowinski lives in Warsaw, Poland, and has experience as both CTO and CIO from the financial and insurance sector. He has successfully led and built technology organizations, driving strategy, optimizing processes, implementing applications, and managing technology infrastructure, including cloud solutions.

Michal's expertise extends to ERP, MRP, sales tools, and marketplace platforms. He has also played a key role as the Research & Development Director at the IT Centre of the Polish Ministry of Interior, spearheading the implementation of a modern centralized State Registry System and pioneering e-services in Poland.

"Further developing the EG enterprise IT architecture are areas that grow in complexity and volume as EG grows, especially through acquisitions, and I am really looking forward to contribute to the development across the organization and to the digital journey in EG", says Michal Glowinski.

Michal Glowinski took on the role of CIO in EG in June 2023.