Per and Thomas at Building Green 2023
04. April 2024

EG enhances sustainable building at Building Green 2024

EG Construction is participating in the Building Green fair on April 10-11 with software designed to support a less carbon-intensive construction industry in the future.

The construction industry is evolving rapidly. New requirements have emerged in building practices. Everyone is discussing LCA, CO2, and balancing accounts concerning nature's resources.

Experience two days with 70 exhibitors, including EG Construction, and 80 speakers across three stages, all focused on sustainable innovation in construction. Because it is necessary!

It is crucial that we collaborate on sustainability and make a collective effort Thomas Holm Østergaard Hansen, Digital Industry Expert, EG Construction


EG Construction will showcase industry-specific software designed to assist construction professionals in meeting these requirements. This will be presented alongside 12 other suppliers.

"Our joint booth is called 'Strong Together' because it's about collaboration to achieve sustainable construction goals," says Thomas Holm Østergaard, Senior Product Owner, and Digital Industry Expert at EG Construction.

"For example, you'll see elements such as clay plaster, sustainable timber, advisors, and software at the booth. These are our trusted partners with whom we already engage in networking. We can only achieve sustainable construction goals through a collective effort."

Software that easily calculates carbon footprint

You have the possibility to explore EG Sigma for estimation and LCA, as well as the project platform EG Ajour. These solutions can save resources and support requirements.

"At EG, we have expanded the popular EG Sigma estimation tool for the construction industry so that users can easily calculate both price and CO2 simultaneously," says Thomas Holm Østergaard.

"This enables them to make informed decisions about resources in a timely manner. Additionally, with EG Sigma, they can ensure compliance with BR18 requirements for LCA and CO2 calculation in projects."

At Building Green 2024, you will gain the latest insights into 'the next generation of the construction industry.' This event takes place at the Danish Aarhus Congress Center on April 10-11.