EG Construction on Iceland
16. April 2024

EG is participating in the Verk og Vit trade fair in Iceland

EG Ajour, the construction industry's collaboration platform, will be highlighted at the EG Construction booth at the Icelandic construction fair from April 18th to 21st. Additionally, EG Sigma will also be presented in Iceland for the first time.

EG is participating in the Verk og vit trade fair in Iceland, showcasing the future of construction.

EG Ajour has been a popular project tool in Iceland for many years, offering modules that facilitate collaboration and effectively manage the phases of a construction project from start to finish. Introducing EG Sigma is a new development.

"This year, we're also bringing the EG Sigma estimation tool. It's a powerful product that many of our customers can benefit from," says Asmus Ditlev Larsen, Senior Manager at EG Construction. He adds:

"We believe that estimation systems can also contribute to efficiency and quality in the digitization of construction in Iceland. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to presenting EG Sigma."

Ensures a high level in the digitization of construction in Iceland

"Iceland has always been an integral part of EG Ajour. We have achieved widespread adoption in the country through our skilled partner, Ajour Island. They ensure a high level of professionalism in the digitization of construction in Iceland, of which we can all be proud," Larsen adds.

At the construction fair, attendees can explore not only EG Ajour but also:
EG Sigma - The professionals' user-friendly estimation tool.
EG Collab - Project management platform streamlining data processes, now integrated with EG Sigma.
EG TraceTool - Efficient tool management, keeping track of all equipment.

The Verk & Vit fair offers a unique opportunity to explore the future of construction and planning. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, planner, or simply curious about the future of construction, Verk og vit 2024 is worth a visit.

With approximately 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest construction trends, Verk og vit is the largest industry event in Iceland. In 2022, the fair attracted around 25,000 visitors, making it the largest event of its kind ever held in Iceland. The fair will be held in Reykjavik from April 18th to 21st, 2024.