EG Ajour ensure quality control in Denmark's tallest CO2 project
08. January 2024

EG Ajour ensure quality control in Denmark's tallest CO2 project

78 meters and 20 floors: Denmark's new record-high wooden office building is under construction. The wood supplier, CLT Denmark, has chosen EG Ajour for digital quality control.

"We always have the documentation with EG Ajour, which makes quality assurance very user-friendly," says John Sørensen, project manager at CLT Denmark. He adds:

"With control plans and reports in progress, we can easily quality stamp in terms of moisture content, bracket types, and dimensions".

EG AjourQA is chosen as the digital tool for quality control both before and during construction.

The new wooden high-rise is a sustainability project - and unusual. The building is the tallest wooden building in Denmark to date and an example of future sustainable construction.

Old wind turbine blades and clothing

The wooden office building includes several climate-friendly choices, as the plan is to build the 20 floors in wood and recycle materials in facades, ceilings, windows, and floors: Discarded wind turbine blades are used, for example, in sun shading on the facade, old clothes are recycled in insulation, and window delivery errors get new life in the high-rise.

EG Ajour ensures documentation throughout the entire process

"We use EG AjourQA for quality assurance in both deliveries, pre-assembly, and on the construction site", says project manager John Sørensen.

Wood has a smaller environmental impact than common construction materials such as steel and concrete and is lighter. CLT Denmark delivers certified timber elements for the floors of the high-rise, as well as glued timber for columns and diagonals, and steel brackets that interconnect elements.

The construction will be a total of 14,850 square meters and is expected to be completed in 2024.