Optimeramesse 2024
24. January 2024

EG Building Supply at Nordic Congress for the first time

EG Building Supply has just presented the EG Fabri platform at a congress in Norway, organized by Optimera, Norway's largest building materials and timber distributor.

"We had a fantastic opportunity to meet our Nordic customers and showcase how we can assist customers in optimizing their business with EG Fabri," says Christian Brandrup, Sales Director at EG Building Supply.

Optimera is a leading company is the sale and distribution of building materials and timber in Norway with 2,000 employees and over 15 billion NOK in turnover.

100 employees provide capacity

The EG Fabri platform supports the entire value chain and is a fully integrated digital solution for the timber and building materials industry. At the booth, the team presented the business opportunities with:

  • EG Fabri SelfScan
  • EG Fabri Container Management
  • NexStep

The participants at the internal Optimera congress could simultaneously experience two presentations about the new organization behind EG Building Supply, about plans for EG Fabri, and the support.

With EG Fabri, EG Building Supply delivers a modern digital platform that optimizes the customers' businesses in the timber and building materials industry, both locally and globally Christian Brandrup, Sales Director - EG Building Supply


At the end of 2022, EG Building Supply became a new unified business area in EG with 100 specialists. Therefore, it was the first time the team could participate in the Optimera congress in Norway.

EG supports over 17,000 users in EG Building Supply, including 1,400 retail outlets.


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