Norway's largest electrical contractor chain chooses SmartKalk
11. January 2024

Norway's largest electrical contractor chain chooses EG SmartKalk

Norway's largest electrical contractor chain, EL-PROFFEN, and Norway's leading provider of cost-effective software, Holte, have entered into a collaboration agreement. Holte is part of EG.

EL-PROFFEN, with its 180 member companies, has more than 5000 electricians nationwide. Holte has over 65,000 users and more than 45 years of experience.

EG SmartKalk has been the leading calculation tool in the Norwegian construction industry for the past 15 years, with over 6,500 users. Holte has tailored EG SmartKalk for electricians, presenting EG SmartKalk Elektro.

EG SmartKalk Elektro enhances EL-PROFFEN's members' ability to conduct efficient bidding processes, ensuring project profitability. Holte's focus on developing software for electricians marks a significant milestone in their commitment to the electro market.

EG SmartKalk Elektro provides EL-PROFFEN's members with better visibility in the calculation phase

"EL-PROFFEN continues to strengthen its position by providing the best digital tools for its members. With EG SmartKalk, we have the market's best calculation tool. We are confident that EG SmartKalk will help our installers work more efficiently and accurately, optimizing the bidding phases," says Eilef Fiskå, Digital Business Developer at EL-PROFFEN.

With EG SmartKalk, EL-PROFFEN can optimize project pricing, reduce time spent, and improve project management. This digitization effort will not only simplify the work processes for electricians but also contribute to maintaining and strengthening EL-PROFFEN's position as an industry leader.

"We are very pleased that this agreement has been reached. This partnership underscores our continuous commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing top services to our electricians and their customers, becoming one of several essential tools in EL-PROFFEN's Digital Platform," says Stein V. Fossner, CEO of EL-PROFFEN.

EG SmartKalk enables EL-PROFFEN to perform more accurate cost estimates, optimize resource utilization, and enhance decision-making throughout the project's lifecycle. Holte looks forward to supporting EL-PROFFEN on this digitalization journey.

"We are delighted to collaborate with EL-PROFFEN. This partnership will not only streamline their members in the bidding process but also set a new standard for the use of BIM, carbon footprint accounting, and other requirements associated with a project. We hope as many of EL-PROFFEN's members as possible start the new year with EG SmartKalk," says Sindre Hagestande, Industry Specialist at Holte, a part of EG.