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11. June 2024

EG Transport: Y24Q2 Updates with New Smart Features in EG's Transport Solution

Easier invoicing and the ability to calculate CO2 emissions according to EU standards: These are some of the exciting new features in our Y24Q2 release for the transport solution. Get the top highlights here.

New Expense Module for External Hauliers

With the new module, you can now assign an expense number per vehicle registered under "External Hauliers." You can continuously post expenses and specify the expense number. Using the lines from the financial postings, you can create an invoice per haulier/expense number, so the bill can be forwarded. Additionally, a new application has been developed to retrieve posted expenses.

Bonus: If the haulier uses eService, it is possible to verify the invoice against the registered documents, which can be displayed directly in eService in an application.

Calculate CO2

It is now possible to calculate CO2 emissions according to all three EU standards (HBEFA, DEFRA 2014, ISO14083_2023). These can be displayed on the invoice printout if you wish, and you can choose between them. The figures are saved on the individual booking.

Invoice Printout with Attachments

You can retrieve an archived POD via attachment instead of through the NEXT archive. Additionally, it is now possible per freight payer to split the invoice printout and PODs. With the correct setup, the invoice is sent without the POD, and the POD is sent in a separate email to a potentially different email address.

There is also the option for EDI transmission of invoices and haulier credit notes to fetch PDFs via attachment.

Combined Offer - One Offer for Both Customer and Haulier

You can create offers with invoice codes for both the freight payer and the haulier simultaneously. For example, you can mark the invoice code for the haulier with an 'H.'

News Keeps Coming: Feel Free to Reach Out to Us!

'Quick Creation of eService User' is yet another new feature, and there are more. Get an overview in a PDF you can download here. Remember - you can always read more in our release notes.

More Exciting News in the Pipeline

Soon, we will also be ready with a new module for route optimization, integrated with the PTV server on routeoptimizer. You will be able to have pre-dispositions route-calculated automatically via PTV.

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