Bravida chooses EG EnerKey for all Nordic activities
27. May 2024

Bravida chooses EG EnerKey for all Nordic EMS-activities

Bravida Holding with 14.000 employees covering 300 branches has chosen the EMS system EG EnerKey for their 80.000 customers in the Nordics.

"We strive to make it easy for our customers to be competitive and green, thanks to strong technical skills, holistic energy & ESG expertise and the capabilities to follow through on our commitments", says Regional Manager Facility Management & Energy, Christian Gaardboe Carlsen, Bravida.

"Our vision is to become the Nordic leader in Energy Management, and to be-come the obvious choice for our customers to enable zero emissions in their properties, increase the value of their business while raising their environmental profile.

The contract with EG and EG EnerKey will support our strategy, which is to be executed the coming years. It will be supported internally in Bravida with an impressive plan for scaling up related services", says Regional Manager Facility Management & Energy, Christian Gaardboe Carlsen, Bravida.

Game changer in the Nordics

EG is very happy with the contract with Bravida, one of the largest technical system integrators in the Nordics.

EG has worked closely with Bravida for several years as they use several EG products developed specifically for the Construction and Facility Management industries like EG Kalkia, EG Corbis, EG Sigma, EG TraceTool, EG KviKS, EG Calwin Dynamics and EG DriVE.

"The pan-Nordic contract regarding EG EnerKey, however, is a real game changer, not only for us but also for Bravidas customers", says Senior Vice President, Kristin Berg, EG.

"Bravida's customers will now have the possibility to be offered the full benefits from EG EnerKey enabling them to cut down their energy consumptions based on real time quality data and to deliver significant CO2 reductions based on facts", says Kristin Berg.

EG EnerKey aims to reduce both costs and CO2-emissions

The EMS system EG EnerKey is a comprehensive digital Energy Management System, (EMS) that, through advanced technology, ensures that management has current and data-driven information available. This supports cost-effective investment decisions within the energy and environmental field, with a positive impact on the CO2 balance.

The solution gathers all relevant data, reports, and analyses in one place, allowing continuous monitoring and optimization of consumption, as well as documenting the impact of efforts with specific data.

"Bravida wants to be a shaping voice in the green energy transition, and to become a strategic partner for their customers enabling them to be more competitive and greener. We fully share this vision, and we look forward to working even more closely with Bravida and their customers to continue to support the green transition in the Nordics", says Senior Vice President, Kristin Berg, EG.

About Bravida

Bravida is the Nordic region’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the service and installation of electrical, heating and plumbing, HVAC and other technical functions in buildings and facilities.

Bravida has a turnover around 26b SEK, 14.000 employees, 300 branches and 80.000 customers.

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About EG

In EG we craft the vertical software of tomorrow, bringing sustainable impact to customers and society.

We believe that this is best done through industry-specific standard software that automates tasks and processes, freeing up time and resources for customers to focus on their core activity enabling them to become industry leaders.

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Further information

Bravida: Regional Manager Facility Management & Energy, Christian Gaard-boe Carlsen
Phone: +45 2525 2101

EG: Senior Senior Vice President, Kristin Berg
Phone: +46 70 230 4644