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Elevate your business to new heights with our digital EG-systems!

Elevate your operations with our suite of cutting-edge products designed for precision and efficiency. Explore EG Landax for a robust Quality Management System (QMS), streamline your Industrial Maintenance processes with EG Maintenance, and dive into seamless Aquaculture Quality Management with EG InControl.

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Quality Management System (QMS)

Optimize your business with EG Landax

A comprehensive management system for administration, leadership, and control

Unlock the potential of your business with EG Landax, a comprehensive management system designed for seamless administration, leadership, and control. As a web-based software (SaaS), EG Landax empowers you with the essential tools to drive efficient quality management and internal control within your organization.

Developed in close collaboration with industry experts, our flexible system caters to the diverse needs of businesses, whether small or large. Offering a rich array of over 30 modules and features, EG Landax spans from HSE and internal control to project management and equipment oversight.

Experience the benefits of EG Landax's efficient data capture and smooth data flow throughout the entire system, fostering cohesion between departments and locations. This robust foundation enhances goal management, promotes heightened awareness of optimal operational practices, and ensures a unified approach to quality management.

Elevate your operations to new heights with EG Landax – the key to a streamlined and effective quality management system.

EG Landax (Norwegian)
EG Landax digital platforms

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Revolutionize Your Maintenance Workflow with EG Maintenance

EG Maintenance stands as a cutting-edge digital maintenance system (CMMS) designed to empower businesses in optimizing maintenance operations, cutting costs, and enhancing overall productivity.

Our platform achieves this by delivering a holistic view of maintenance processes, automating routine tasks, and furnishing accurate data insights for ongoing improvement initiatives.

Through the integration of each team member's expertise into a user-friendly and all-encompassing maintenance management system, businesses can attain complete control over their machinery fleet and seamlessly manage all maintenance tasks.

Unlock the potential for efficient and cost-effective maintenance practices with EG Maintenance.

EG Maintenance
Mockup of EG Maintenance App

Aquaculture Management System

Transform Your Aquaculture Operations with EG InControl

Discover the ultimate solution for aquaculture management with EG InControl – a user-friendly, web-based platform designed to streamline internal control, operations, and maintenance in the aquaculture industry. Tailored functionality cater to diverse businesses within the aquaculture sector, providing easy workflow management and comprehensive control.

Effortlessly submit reports and harness the power of seamless data flow with InControl Aquaculture. Whether accessed from a PC or mobile device, this versatile system allows you to record vital information right from the edge of the fish pen.

Elevate your aquaculture practices with EG InControl and experience unparalleled efficiency.

EG InControl (Norwegian)
Workers at salmon farm in rural lake using a tablet