EG ProBill: Software for Invoicing in the Energy Sector

EG ProBill is a full-service provider of invoicing services within the energy sector, offering several robust software solutions, including invoicing, meter management, supplier switching, component management, and work

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EG ProBill

EG ProBill - the natural choice for energy companies

Ready-made System Solutions

We deliver ready-to-use solutions that are ready for immediate use. We handle all communication with external parties, analyse and manage all collected information. We then configure all necessary parameters and settings to ensure the system is ready for your takeover. We can also customise the system and user interface according to your needs and workflow.




EG ProBill is a modern invoicing system built to handle vast amounts of data. It is scalable and capable of managing various types of events and utilities such as electricity trading, electricity networks, district heating, and more. The system also handles complex pricing issues and creates a future-proof invoicing and customer service environment.

With an advanced pricing engine, it can calculate accurate prices based on various parameters and offer different pricing plans and contract forms for different customers. EG ProBill also provides users with the ability to preview the next invoicing in detail, considering future changes and real-time updates of customer data.

Meter Value Management

Meter Value Management

Meter Value Management

Advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly meter value database with automatic and complete reading management.

EG ProBill offers collection, analysis, quality assurance, storage, and distribution of data. The system intelligently sorts data and automates data distribution to internal and external parties. With an advanced integration engine, it can communicate with multiple systems and databases. EG ProBill handles various utilities such as electricity, district heating, water and allows users to create custom searches and reports. Business logic, including data conversion and duplicate control, is included, and the system is delivered fully configured with communication to surrounding systems.


Component Management

Component Management

EG ProBill's component information system is a standardised and flexible solution providing full control over electricity meters and other equipment. It also includes work order management and offers user-friendly screens for easy and efficient use. The system presents logical connections between customer, facility, measurement point, and component graphically for an overview.

All communication with other systems, such as invoicing systems, hand terminal systems, and network information systems, is entirely taken care of. The system offers flexible and user-friendly tools for selection analysis and detailed information about meters, measurement points, facilities, and customers, including a graphical representation of component geographical locations.


Supplier Switches

Supplier Switches

Fully automatic and flexible management of supplier switches, with the added capability of handling all EDI communication. Manages over 25% of all supplier switches in Sweden and Finland.

The system takes care of all communication and data management between you, grid owners and electricity suppliers. All events are clearly logged, and you can track the current status of ongoing supplier switches at any time. Information, status, and messages can be exported in real-time to chosen internal systems for visualization of ongoing cases.

The system can integrate with various sales support and customer service systems, managing error handling and follow-up using competent business and decision logic. The system also has automatic features for regular updates of market information and communication addresses.




Complete and automatic management of preliminary and final share figures, grid losses, hourly and flat-rate settlements, as well as reporting of meter values and hourly values.

The settlement system also includes the management of external reports and file flows, such as free series and reporting to ELSA. The system is a standalone product delivered ready to use with all necessary tools for self-control and data visualization.All collection of underlying data and report creation occurs automatically using EG ProBill's integration engine and EDI handler. Reports from the settlement system are sent to various actors in the energy sector and are fully automated in their handling of data and reports.

Full customisation and integration – open API



Pre-configured solution for all data flow management between systems, e.g. UTILTS, collection, interpolation, rules, warnings, etc. No adaptations are needed in surrounding systems.

Our integration platform ensures that your internal and external systems always receive correct data in the right format and at the right time. The advanced business and decision logic adapts to changes in surrounding systems, enabling independent release management. The system can handle information from multiple sources and various types of utilities, such as energy, heating/cooling, etc. Our integration platform is a complete "mediation device" with over 150 installations in over 60 countries, requiring no programming for customizations.

The platform gives you full control over business logic and data management through parameters and provides flexibility for future functionality without tying itself to the invoicing system as the "master" of information.



EDI Management

EDI Management

Standalone EDI handler for fully automated message management between you and other energy companies, e.g. electricity trading companies and electricity network companies without the need for an external intermediary.

The system enables cost-effective and 100% automated communication between actors such as electricity traders, balance responsible parties, grid owners, and the Swedish National Grid. Since 2006, the system has handled over 20% of all supplier switches in Sweden, Finland, and Spain. You gain automatic control over the process of sending and receiving messages, format conversion, as well as a clear and understandable view of all communication.

The platform is delivered complete with communication to and from other systems and databases, making it the only communication point you need to use, with formats and settings that suit you.


Pricing Module

Pricing Module

The pricing module calculates accurate prices for various products and services using different parameters such as time, quantity, volume, discounts, location, VAT rates, and more. Users can create different pricing plans for different customers and customer groups while maintaining flexibility. The advanced business logic engine allows for complex calculations and relationships.

The pricing module is a modern application that handles large amounts of data and can handle several thousand entries per second even in advanced scenarios. After pricing, data is sent to other systems such as databases, web interfaces, monitoring systems, customer service systems, and invoicing systems for further use.

The module takes care of the entire pricing issue and handles events and services that the existing system cannot handle.

This solution also creates a smooth decoupling of incoming subsystems, simplifying and enabling future exchanges and upgrades.

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