SonWin - Settlement Solution for the Utility Sector

SonWin is a proven settlement solution that makes life easier for companies in the utility sector.

Our solution is designed to streamline your utility business. Our platform automates time-consuming routines and creates synergy among the company's key functional areas.

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SonWin introduction

Modules in SonWin

SonWin is software that can be quickly and easily tailored to the traditional and unique needs of your utility company. With SonWin, you get the following solutions:




Easy Billing with SonWin

SonWin handles consumption billing and manages payments for Danish utility companies. Our solution automates almost the entire process, and you only need to intervene when alerted to suspicious activity. With our business understanding and a thoroughly tested platform, we annually issue over 10 million invoices annually, collecting of more than DKK 40 billion.

The procedure is simple. SonWin validates your data and converts it into invoice lines. You handle interactions with suppliers in SonWin, and the follow-up process occurs automatically. The platform supports calculation and invoicing for water, wastewater, heating, waste disposal, broadband, gas, and electricity. This includes both consumption and distribution (network tariffs).


CRM, Customer Service, and Sales

CRM, Customer Service, and Sales

Support for CRM, Customer Service, and Sales

With SonWin, you can save time, increase customer satisfaction, and have better opportunities to implement precisely the sales campaigns that are relevant to your business—such as cross-selling, Win- Back campaigns, or initiatives reaching out to new customers.

SonWin includes an intuitive self-service solution, designed to reduce the demand on customer service. This reduces the need for time and manpower on the phones, positively impacting both employee and customer satisfaction.

The system collects and systematises your customer information. Gain an overview each customer, make it easier to identify opportunities to expand the relationship, and create coordinated sales based on facts rather than assumptions.

SonWin can be used for efficient and user-friendly customer service, task and financial management, reporting, as well as commerce and invoicing within water, heating, waste, electricity, gas, and broadband.

validering af data

Validation of Data and Equipment

Validation of Data and Equipment

Enhance Security in Data and Equipment Validation

Identifying and correcting error messages can be time-consuming and resource -intensive. To avoid unnecessary extra work, SonWin immediately validates all data against expected results. If the system detects irregularities, you receive an immediate notification. Data within the normal range is automatically forwarded to market communication, reporting, or invoicing on the customer and supplier side.

Planning and managing regulatory statistical meter controls and other installation tasks are also handled through SonWin. These tasks may be initiated through customer service, DataHub, or installation forms, for example.

SonWin is designed to optimize your business, saving you time and resources. It provides greater security in relation to components in your network. SonWin securely stores your data and supports you in using them proactively in the development of your business.

overfoersel af data

Transfer of Data Streams

Transfer of Data Streams

Seamless Transfer of Data Streams Between Market Participants

SonWin handles the technical challenges and formalities associated with transferring data streams to the market. The solution takes into account the technical, legal, and business circumstances to which market participants are subject.

SonWin offers advanced integration modules for market communication between producers, distributors, and suppliers in the electricity and natural gas sectors. These are intelligent solutions that provide an overview and require minimal administration. We take care of ongoing maintenance and optimization in response to new technologies and regulations, such as data protection laws.

In short, with SonWin, you outsource all technical challenges and formalities related to the transfer of data streams to the market. This means you have more time to focus on your core services.

Facility management

Facility Management

Facility Management

Focus on Your Core Services

You don't need to employ IT specialists to run a modern and visionary utility company.

A Facility Management agreement with EG involves utilizing our SonWin software. We manage your IT in a modern Tier 3 data center that meets the industry's strictest requirements for response times, uptime, and data security.

Facility Management with SonWin focuses on two main tasks:

  • Operation and maintenance of your SonWin ERP system (Enterprise Resource Management)
  • Operation and maintenance of hardware, any third-party applications, and all other aspects of your infrastructure

The benefits of an agreement with SonWin include:

  • Unrivalled operational reliability
  • Fast and easily accessible support
  • No need for internal IT specialists
  • No capital investments in servers, etc.
  • Predictable operating costs

When you outsource operations and hosting to SonWin, we ensure that your infrastructure runs smoothly, allowing you to concentrate exclusively on your core services.

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