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02. June 2020

EG acquires Hano AS

EG has acquired the software company Hano AS with 3,500 customers. The company is at the forefront in Norway and provides IT solutions for health and wellness. With this strategic acquisition, EG takes yet another step in becoming Scandinavia's leading provider of industryspecific software.

- Hano AS has a strong position in the market, which the company has built up over the last 20 years. With this acquisition we are able to show that we are committed to being number one in our respective verticals and to deliver the best industry-specific IT solutions in Scandinavia. This is our fifth acquisition in under twelve months, and Norwegian Hano clearly strengthens our position in health and wellness in the Scandinavian market, says Mikkel Bardram, CEO of EG.

EG acquires Hano (pdf)

Hano is a market leader in Norway with an online booking and payment solution for hairdressers. At the same time, the company has a unique position in IT solutions for healthcare in both Norway and Sweden.

The company has 3,500 customers and more than 12,000 daily users on Hano's systems.

- We are looking forward to wishing Hano's customers welcome at EG, and to offering them even better solutions moving forward. Because at EG we have in-depth industry knowledge, we understand the customers' unique needs in both the healthcare sector and in beauty and wellness. In EG's customer portfolio, most of the customers are of the same size as Hano's customers, and together we can offer them the best possible service, says Jesper Andersen, EVP at EG.

Tor Espen Larsen, VP of EG Private which Hano will be a part of, adds, - We are impressed with the competence of our new Norwegian colleagues and look forward to learning from them and to welcoming them to the EG family. Together, we have great potential to further develop even better, intuitive systems.

EG is already known as the leading supplier of the preferred medical and clinical systems in the primary healthcare sector in Denmark, which are used by doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, podiatrists and other therapists. EG is also behind Hairtools, the most commonly used IT system for Danish hairdressers.

- EG is without doubt the best future owner of Hano. We share the same values and the same focus, and it has been an easy and straightforward process to become part of EG, says Erik Bjønnes, who, together with Leif Fage, founded Hano AS.

EG acquired Hano AS on 29 May 2020. Seller and buyer have agreed not to disclose further details concerning the sales price and other terms of the transaction.

About EG A/S

EG is a Scandinavian software company with more than 1,300 employees working from more than 20 offices in Scandinavia and Poland. We develop, deliver and service our own software for 17,500 private and public customers.

About Hano AS

Hano AS is Norway's largest supplier of internet-based booking, journal and POS systems for hairdressers and supplier for therapists, skincare specialists, alternative therapists and sport businesses, car repair garages and retail. Hano was founded in 1998 by Erik Bjønnes and Leif Fage, has 20 employees and has its head office in Asker, close to Oslo.

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