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04. June 2020

EG's board expands after year of growth with new owner

After a successful first year with new owner Francisco Partners, EG's board expands with more technological competencies and knowledge about digitalization of the public sector. The expansion will reinforce and support EG's ambitious growth plan.

EG just completed its fifth acquisition in under twelve months and continues the growth ambition. During the first year with Francisco Partners as owner, EG has successfully strengthened its market position as a leading supplier of industry specific software in Scandinavia, especially through acquisitions and a dedicated focus on vertical software solutions.

EG board expands after year of growth (pdf)

The EG board represents experienced software industry executives and expands an already strong field of competencies. Three new members join the board and two members are leaving. With more diversity and unique knowledge of IT infrastructure in the public sector, the board further strengthens EG's potential and ambitious growth strategy.

The new board members are Jane Wiis, CEO of the Danish digitization company DBC A/S, Mike Barry, Senior Operating Partner at Francisco Partners Consulting and Tom Kilroy, former COO at Finastra. Paul Joseph Ilse, Senior Operating Partner, Francisco Partners Consulting and Stephen Scholl, who recently took over as CEO at Alight Solutions, are leaving the board.

- I would like to thank Stephan Scholl and Paul Ilse, who made their mark on the decisions and strategy to accelerate EG's successful development during the first year of Francisco Partners' partnership with EG. I very much look forward to working with the three new board members, who all contribute with unique skills to the strategy that EG is implementing over the next years, says Petri Oksanen, Chairman of the EG board and Deal Partner, Francisco Partners and continues:

- Jane Wiis has deep experience in the public sector in Denmark and complements with an important customer perspective. Tom Kilroy has strong knowledge from vertical market software companies of an even larger scale than EG and Mike Barry has an amazing technical experience base to draw from, which is a great benefit for the development of EG's product portfolio.

Jane Wiis, former director of digitalization in Danish KL, has twenty years of experience in digitizing the public sector. She says:

- EG is an obvious choice for me. EG is an incredibly important player in the digital landscape and I look forward to sharing my passion for digitizing the public sector even more. There is great potential in EG's industry-based business model with standard software for this market.

Former COO at Finastra Tom Kilroy, who has extensive experience in managing business integrations says:

- I am delighted to be joining the EG board at this time of ambitious growth, including a series of acquisitions. I look forward to working with the EG leadership team as they continue to strengthen EG’s multi-national and multi-industry growth.

Mike Barry is an expert in product management, software and agile processes. He adds:

- EG is on the path to become the premier Danish software product company. I am excited and look forward being part of this journey.

The EG board now consists of the Chairman, Deal Partner Petri Oksanen, Francisco Partners, Deputy Chairman, Co-President Deep Shah, Francisco Partners, Vice President Quentin Lathuille, Francisco Partners, Senior Operating Partner, Mike Barry, Francisco Partners Consulting, former COO at Finastra, Tom Kilroy, CEO of the Danish digitization company DBC A/S, Jane Wiis, executive Carsten Knudsen, who holds a number of board positions in Danish companies along with three employee representatives, Senior Developer Poul Rabjerg, Development Specialist Brian G. Frandsen and Enterprise Architect Stein Rustad.

About EG A/S

EG is a Scandinavian software company with more than 1,300 employees working from more than 20 offices in Scandinavia and Poland. We develop, deliver and service our own software to 17,500 private and public clients.

About Francisco Partners

Francisco Partners is a leading global private equity firm that specializes in investments in technology and technology-enabled businesses. Since its launch 20 years ago, Francisco Partners has raised approximately $24 billion in committed capital and invested in more than 275 technology companies, making it one of the most active and longstanding investors in the technology industry. The firm invests in opportunities where its deep sectoral knowledge and operational expertise can help companies realize their full potential.

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