Powered by EG EnerKey

Intelligent sustainability and energy management as-a-service platform for your enterprise and public sector customers. 


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Why choose Powered by EG Enerkey?

Powered by EnerKey is available as different feature and functionality packages



  • gives your customers access to all EnerKey´s features including all energy management functionalities
  • waste reporting
  • EnerKey Data API for advanced integration solutions
  • the Enterprise Package is the most comprehensive solution available in the market.
  • Most importantly your end-customers get the access to Ines, EG EnerKey's built-in intelligence feature that automatically finds energy and emissions saving potentials from property consumption data



  • gives your customers variety of options with multisite facilities management
  • modifiable dashboard
  • extensive consumption reporting
  • functionalities such as advanced energy management tools
  • transportation fuel reporting
  • document management



  • gives your B2B end-customers the necessities of sustainability and energy management
  • an easy and ready-to-use solution with fixed dashboard
  • simplified consumption reports for single facility management
  • energy reporting
  • consumption alarms
  • cost reporting
  • invoice archive
  • CO2 emissions reporting

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