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Select energy management and climate reporting service packages that are suitable for your customer strategy.


First step with energy Management

First step with energy Management

  • EG EnerKey's user-friendly consumption monitoring customer portal is suitable for replacing the statutory energy reporting.
  • Gives the end customer a clear view over the energy consumption, costs and environmental impact.
  • Consumption and climate impacts reported for all facilities in the same report.
  • In addition to standardized views, EG EnerKey offers a summary, periodic report and forecast.
  • Ability to examine consumption, emission and cost data with different levels of accuracy.
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Just started with energy management

Just started with energy management

  • Stay automatically up-to-date on your consumption and its climate impact
  • Respond quickly to changes in consumption
  • Comprehensive, automated analyses help to analyze the energy consumption of both individual facilities and an entire property portfolio, and prioritize the greatest potential for savings
  • Versatile consumption reporting including outdoor temperatures and the distribution of consumption during daytime and nighttime.

Active user of energy management

Active user of energy management

  • The best tools in the market for energy management to plan and schedule actions, maintain information on potential savings, and lead the prioritization and decision-making process of actions.
  • Improve transparency on the impact of implemented actions and the journey towards set goals.
  • A systematic approach in accordance with ISO 50001 for continuous improvement of energy efficiency.
  • Plus, all the features in "Just started"-service package

Professional user of energy management

Professional user of energy management

Actor service level +

  • For those with a clear vision and goals for sustainability and who want to use the latest technology to get there.
  • EG Ines AI analytics automatically identifies facilities with unusually high energy consumption and suggests ways to optimize energy consumption.
  • Free up your energy experts' time for productive action with EG Ines AI analytics!
  • AI helps to find hiding problems.
  • Plus all the features in "Active user"-service package

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