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Meet two interns

  • Cecilie Schmidt Eriksen
  • Mike Hjort Christensen

I have been really pleased with my internship at EG; it has allowed me to take responsibility and to bring my theoretical knowledge into play when I interact with customers. I have also tried out the role as facilitator during a customer workshop where we drew process charts to identify their most important business processes – very exciting! Cecilie Schmidt Eriksen, Consultant, EG Digital Solutions


How did you get an internship at EG?

I have studied for a bachelor's degree in Business Economics & IT at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, and the educational programme included a six months internship. During my studies, I had been working with business process management, which I found really interesting, and consequently, I sent an application to EG in the hope to get more practical experience.


Did you get the opportunity to use the tools acquired during your studies in practise?

When I began my internship at EG, I already had a solid basic understanding of business process management, and for that reason I was quickly given responsibility and participated in visits to customers. During customer visits, I had the opportunity of working with process charts, but also of getting a better understanding of EG's approach to process optimisation. Subsequently, I chose to write about this in my bachelor thesis.
I find that EG has shown great confidence by letting me get out in the field and prove that I was able to use the tools I had acquired during my studies.


What was your development during your internship?

My internship has given me good knowledge of the business and of how to identify the customers' needs. I have also learned how important it is to be able to adapt and have a knowledge of different personas in order to communicate to the customer in the best possible way. Some require a relatively simple approach, others a more technical one, which is important to understand to make the customer satisfied.


What is great about EG as a workplace?

I like the sense of community when you work on projects across teams and departments. I also feel that it is easy to find help in the organisation because we have experts in all areas of EG's 360-degree solutions. As an intern, you are given responsibility, and you get the opportunity to get out of the house and meet a lot of new people. This is something that suits me really well as I appreciate a varied working day.

Cecilie Schmidt Eriksen

A lot of people had the prejudice that you were not able to give your own input in the large IT companies, and I wanted to challenge that. And it appeared not to be true at all. I was allowed to have a huge influence even though I was just an intern, and that was really cool. Junior Systems Consultant Mike Hjort Christensen, EG Business Care


What challenges did you experience during your internship?

I was met with the following open assignment:

Find out what the 'machine learning' technology is, what it does and how EG can use it. In the course of my internship, I ended up being the one in the team having the most knowledge of this new technology, and consequently, I was challenged on this by my colleagues. The setting for my work was ideal, too – I could investigate and experiment, and at the same time, I could get help whenever I was in doubt. So it has been a really great internship.


Why did you nominate EG to the Dania Internship of the Year prize?

I nominated EG to the Internship of the Year prize because I cannot imagine a better way to be treated as an intern than I have been here. All the tasks I was given, the way they were handled and the way I was included in the team – like I was a permanent employee – was really fantastic.

EG finished in top 5 of the Dania Internship of the Year 2017.


What is great about EG as a workplace?

In my time as an intern at EG, and later as a junior systems consultant, I have been given tasks that matched perfectly in terms of difficulty, complexity and the knowledge needed to solve them. It is great to go to work every day when you have colleagues who are solution-oriented and always try to optimise our processes.

Mike Hjort Christensen